Thursday, January 1, 2009

Bountiful Beauty

I have been consumed of late, trying to find pieces to make our living area look warm
I have know of her skills for many years, but never delved into
site, until today. I must have saved every image. This one in particular grabbed my attention.
I adore these pillows. All of her beds are stunning.
I have seen most of the images from this home, but never realised it
belongs to Whoopi Goldberg. I love the chandelier in the WC!

This Armoire of Whoopi's is a gem.

...and her bedroom is just heavenly.
I am going to try something like this beside our bed.
I have a console table, that needs a makeover, and a mirror in there
would bounce so much light about. You are so lucky Whoopi.

I also found this photo of Lisa Rinna's baby shower that Sue
had worked her magic on. Now, this is my idea of an entertaining area!!
White market umbrellas and loads of wicker and white linen, needlepoint pillows
...and roses and Hydrangeas. I realise now that my love for the shabby has never gone away,
it just matured a little. Maybe I could mix some of my favourite pieces instead of being so worried about what everyone else will think.
Anyhow, a visit to this site is a must for loads of inspiration.


  1. Sue is an incredibly talented woman.
    Her shop is very close to where I live, and I pop in whenever I need a cheering up. It is filled with gorgeous chandeliers, and all of the objects that Sue finds on her travels. She has a great collection of Architectural elements just stacked in the back of her shop. It's so much fun just to rummage through.
    These images are a great way to start the new year.
    Very inspirational.
    Happy New Year, Ness.


  2. Hi Ness,
    I hope you had a great New Year celcebration & I hope you have a wonderful, prosperous New Year to come!

    These images are wonderful!!! I love the pillows and the bed so much! What a breath of fresh air. So pretty, I'm going to pop over and look at this site too, Have a great day!
    Beautiful post!

  3. Whoopi's house is gorgeous. I would not have guessed it hers in a million years. I can't wait to see how your projects are coming along. Happy New Year too!!!!

  4. This site is a new addiction for me and I am sure you will see a lot more of Sue's work on in my posts.
    Ness xx

  5. She is by far one of my favorite designers. Love her style. I also really liked your home makeover.

  6. I have long admired this site and lady...isnt the scrapbook on teh site gorgeous!! One of my friends went there a year or 2 ago and she said the prices were sky high but it was gorgeous as you would imagine. Mel xxx


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