Friday, January 30, 2009

Cool Weekend Thoughts!

As I sit here we are experiencing our hottest summer on record in Tassie. Yesterday we hit 36.7C, which isn't as much as the mainland, but let me tell you for somewhere so close to's bloody 'ot!! Hottest day ever! We have been living in a cave with blinds, curtains and doors closed and the air conditioner on cool (that doesn't happen very twice a year!). The boys are now both ill and laying in knickers and nappy! Where is the cooling sea breezes that are a part of our every day???
Where ever you are in Australia, stay cool. If you are cold right now..lucky you!!
Ness xx


  1. Wow, that is hot, Ness.
    Here is hoping for a cool weekend for you and your family.


  2. Eep! Hopefully that nice sea breeze will kick in and cool things off a little! It was hot here today, too - but nothing like that!
    Well wishes to your household!
    xo Isa

  3. HI Ness, love checking in on your blog. Yes it is bl***y hot here in Melbourne. And yes, keeping the kids cool and entertained is a challenge. I gave them a waterfight with a nappy bucket of water and two plastic cups this afternoon. Had heaps of fun and got wet enough (me too) to cool off. I hope I get a decent nights sleep tonight. Good luck to you and yours. Irene :)

  4. A weather update had said that it reached 40c!!! What happened to the beautiful summer average of 26-28C???

  5. Oh, Ness, it's been such a cold winter here in Montreal. For the past two months I feel like I can never warm up - not a good feeling. However, I do hope things chill down for you down there.

  6. The weather all over the world has seen extremes this winter...I'm from Ontario Canada and this has been the coldest, with the most snow that I can remember in years!!! It has been difficult to feel warm...I know Florida has been colder than usual as well.

    Having said that heat such as you are experiencing is hot to do much!! I hope for gentle breezes and cooler temps for you soon!!!


  7. My goodness, 40 degrees! How insane is that? It's pretty cold here now.. About -4. Love the picture, looks stunning!

  8. I heard on the news about the fires there. I hope that's not near you!

  9. My heart goes out to you all. Stay inside.
    P.S. I'm not one for reading so much, mostly looking at pics, but the other week I sat down and read your blog and realized that the precious house that you were remodeling was your home. O.K., yes I am blonde and dyslexic. Anyway, it is so cute and cozy, a dream for me to say the least. Thanks for sharing it. Heidi

  10. Ness, it's been pretty cold in our area (Texas) and several of my friends in Kentucky are having a hard time with the ice. I love the pic of Sue Balmforth's garden, it's one of my favs. Happy Friday and enjoy the weather, Theresa

  11. Hi Ness~
    Oh my...I'm sorta jealous today, last night the high was only -2F and our high today is 10F burrr, I wish I were there. tata, have a great weekend & stay cool!!!

  12. I just came across your blog and absolutely love every part of it! Thanks for sharing such beautiful things!

  13. Oh Ness! I'm so sorry for you! NOT! It's 13 degrees here and there is 3 feet of snow on the ground! How I'd love to be somewhere lounging by the pool, or even better, curled up under the AC. OH JOY! Hope the little ones get to feeling better soon!

  14. 43C. here yesterday, 40C. today & tomorrow!! Our 45.7C. day on Wednesday was an absolute shocker. Yes, we are living in a bat cave too, haven't pulled open a blind here in nearly 8 days. The streets are deserted & everyone is mega grumpy. First OK day looks to be next Thurs., a cool 38C!! I think Summer is well & truly here Ness.

    Our native wildlife are suffering badly, we're leaving water in dishes everywhere in the shade for the possies & koalas, but we've had some sad losses.
    Millie ^_^

  15. I was just scanning through your pics and I just love your blog! Not that I haven't been here before....but I just enjoy the pictures so much.... and I will take some of that "hot" here in Texas...cuz I am FREEZING! We also are in a cave....with curtains closed to keep the cold out!!! ~Cheryl :)

  16. That picture at least looks cool! Keep smiling (and running your wrists under the cold tap).

  17. Your lucky!
    It's 8F here in Vermont, brrrr.
    By the way I really liked the pictures from the Swedish home. It makes me homesick.

  18. Hello, that's very warm overthere ,here in Holland it snowed al little bit today.
    I want it to be spring but il do like winters with a little bit of snow ,it looks and feels so fresh.
    Love uor blog ,you make beautiful pictures !!
    see you
    greetings from Gea

  19. That is a GORGEOUS photo!
    Pop over for a visit tomorrow... I have something to show you!
    Try to stay cool!


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