Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Emporium Therapy...

Today was another day filled with stress, so we went off to buy some urns not expecting too much....then we walked into The Antique Emporium at Devonport.
I was amazed by the wonderful, whimsical treasures that John Cole and his team of 40 stall holders (over 4 levels) had to offer. I thought I would take you for a look too.
This was on the second level where the urns are. It is a huge iron candelabra, about shoulder height (I am from the Hobbits though!). I fell in love, then I spotted the white sideboard in the corner, the bell light, little yellowed unit. Then I spotted this...

glorious table and chairs, rusty patina and fabulous detailing, weathered top...

gorgeous Spanish style scrolled legs (John did say where it was from, Rajahstan I think). I have instantly fallen in love with this setting. For the whole set you are looking at $1995.00!! A bargain for such a stunning piece.

Up on the third level I eyed this from across the room. I think that would look lovely in my own home filled with my white ironstone pieces.

Love this original Medical Certificate from a long, long time ago. Being a Calligrapher, I was instantly taken by the beauty of such a certificate, now printed on a computer these days.

This was back on the first level as you walked in. I loved these little wicker drawers, and found it tucked in a corner. My Sister would love the boat.

Every nook and cranny is packed with some sort of treasure, and Dad, Mum loved this (hint, hint). I found some more old suitcases for $8 each. I may have to get some of those when we go back.

Mic and I have always loved original old signs from either shops, advertisements etc...especially on wood like this piece.

Declan and Mason loved this and it is about as long as me (again Hobbits). After all of that I never got to buy my urns, but know which ones I want. We had to leave in a bit of a hurry, so never got to fully explore this wonderland. On our next visit I will get some more photos to share.

The boys had a ball by the way. Maybe we have 2 little collectors on our hands. Ness xx

If you would like details for this shop (also a wholesaler) please email me at marleyandlockyer@gmail.com


  1. Looks like a great great emporium Ness - too much temptation, xv.

  2. Wow! I don't think we have anything like this in Adelaide. That's it, I'm off to buy a ticket, I'm coming over!
    Hope you go back soon to get your urns.

  3. An amazing shop...I could browse for hours...we don't have anything so wonderful here!!!


  4. I love shops like that it really takes a good eye to find a real bargain. I cant believe how cheap the old suitcases are, buy them you wont regret it they look great painted white too. About the chandeliers I have no idea where they came from but V&L left a name on my comments xx

  5. Antique stores like this one are my favorite kind of place to spend time. You never know what you are going to find. Steve and I love old signs too. He is also going to love you picture of that airplane.
    Can't wait to go back with you next time!


  6. I am hoping to back maybe Saturday. I have so much to do and the Emporium is about 100kms away.
    Ness xx

  7. Catherine, You are welcome to come shop with me anytime,
    Ness xx

  8. Wow, looks like a fabulous place to shop. I love the airplane, it's fantastic.


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