Monday, January 5, 2009

What's in my bag...

I have had a stressful day today so I read 'My French Life' again and remembered that dear Vicki had asked me what was in my bag.....This is not mine, (I wish) but you can buy it on Ebay for US$20,000.00!!
Well Vicki, I am a very organised gal, so my bag is too. I switch between a small suede
one which only fits the necessities and my croc skin one (faux) which holds...
My Wallet, phone, lip gloss which smells like cherry chocolate by Palmer's, a pen and small notebook for impromptu sketches if I see a good idea, my shopping list, migraine tablets (I have suffered since I was 14), band-aids, packet of tissues (small boys always need wiped), a few snacks for the kids to keep them occupied while I shop, a list of things I need to keep an eye out for the house and dimensions of the windows and key areas, postage stamps, Ipod and occasionally my camera.
I am sorry Vicki, my bag is a bit boring compared to yours.
I would love to know what is in your bag Brooke,
Ness xx


  1. A bag can never be boring Ness! xv

  2. Like you I have small and large bags...but I probably should carry a smallish one all the time as I tend to put far too much in the larger bag!!

    All the best in the coming year!


  3. Your bag sounds just like mine! With the baby the wipes and snacks are right up my alley! Bravo, great post!

  4. Hi Ness.
    It is great getting to know you through your bag.
    You know I can never say no to you!
    I have just done a post on the contents of my purse.


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