Monday, January 19, 2009

Working on...working drawings!

As you may know we are in the thick of renovating our home. We have planned to put in French doors where all of these windows are and a veranda along this side of the house since we moved in nearly 6 years ago. The last window will be a double door. I have been planning this for some time and finally settled on the working drawing to show to Builders etc, I thought you might like to see....

I had to take this with our camera as it wouldn't scan!
As you might be able to make out, we planned for two French doors to replace the double windows, singles French doors replacing the other two windows, all with over lights above.
I had drawn a cross rail for the veranda, but since we have completed the front veranda (photos of this soon), we have changed our mind and gone with no rails.
That is the beauty of a working drawing, it is not a plan, and you will change it as things don't fit in, new products are found etc.
You might be able to see how it all ties in with what is already existing..or not!

This is what I had planned for inside where the double French doors will be, the living room our the back of the house. It has changed slightly since this was sketched (furniture arrangement I mean), but you can see what we wanted to do with dressing the doors.
Lucky they are working drawings I say!!

This is a job I am working on at the moment which is by the Ocean.
Loads of potential, gorgeous views, but it just needs brought out of the 70's.

The plan here is to bag the outside in a light Latte colour with Charcoal accents (not black). Get rid of Mt Everest stairs and make a main entrance on the first level with beautiful double doors. The top floor will become a balcony to enjoy the sea views. Eventually new windows will be put in and the Garage doors replaced and a beach/ coastal inspired garden will be added.

It is great to have a conceptual sketch to show a client or Builder so they can really get into your head and see exactly what you mean...then you can bombard them with colour chips, swatches etc!! Brooke this post was for you.
Sketches by me!


  1. great sketches and great progress on your own home! can't wait to see photos of the front verandah :)

  2. Thanks Romana,
    I am so close to being able to show you it's not funny!
    Ness xx

  3. WOw Ness! I knew you were talented but Wow! This is incredible. You're house will be so perfect when you are done. I know renovating is a lot of work but always worth it in the end. I love your drawings. I've always been a little jealous of people who could put down on paper what they envision in their heads, I cannot! Great post! Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Ooh I love conceptual drawings. Your verandah is going to be just beautiful. Amazing transformation of the beach house.. it will look spectacular. A-M xx

  5. How exciting to have two projects on the go, best of luck.

  6. Both these drawings are fabulous - they are going to be stunning transformations. Great vision!
    Have you worked out the exact latte and charcoal colours you are going to use for your client's house? I'm planning to paint my house a latte colour, so I might check out your paint colour if you've already picked it.
    By the way thanks the lovely comments on my Christmas tags! I got the papers from a scrapbooking place here in Adelaide called Camelot, but I will find out the name and brand of paper from Fiona (I left the leftover sheets at her place) but I won't ask her right now - her dad is intensive care.

  7. Thats fine Catherine...when she is ready, no hurry.

  8. Impressive...the veranda and doors will just the right effect, with everything else you've done!

    I like the new look for the brick home...


  9. I can't wait to see your house after the doors are put in! Also, I love the sketches.

  10. Lauren, Neither can I! It feels like it will be next Summer before I can throw them open!! Thanks for visiting. Ness xx

  11. Let there be light & thanks to you Ness there will be! No doubt about the 70's designers, it was all about how dark you could make each room. Take it from me & this 1972 ripper we are gutting, it is possible, just throw caution to the wind & go for it!
    Millie ^_^


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