Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 Birds...1 Stone...

Beautiful Living has challenged me to show you my kitchen and what I love about it. Yup, it's a challenge as it is still in it's 70's glory...bear with me. Here goes...
I love this little display which is above our huge fireplace in the kitchen. To have a look at the fireplace click here
The Apples aren't real, but I love them with this zinc tall bucket, Lavender and the huge clock.

This wonderfully simple chandelier I bought for $10.00! Excuse the candles. When the fire is on...they melt. It does give off great heat. You can see our new wicker roman blinds here. Oh, that thing next to the zinc bucket on the shelf is Declan's ant farm.

Another kitchen love of mine is our huge collection of ironstone and white serving ware. If it breaks it is easy to replace (no matching patterns). This Lasagne dish is the best $20.00 I ever spent I think and I use it for everything.

I received these for Christmas off my eldest Sister, Caroline. They came as a set of three with a huge buscuit jar as well. The pewter labels are lovely.

The pride of our kitchen is these 3 tall glass canisters. I always get comments on them and the contents match our palette beautifully.

Here they are under my canvases I painted to look like Sid Dickens tiles.

I bought these wooden wings at Christmas time and loved them so much they hang on the other side of our kitchen window.

Another love is this French newspaper pull out from 14th sept, 1902. It has never been folded, only rolled. It apparently is the piece the Ladies would get to read and has gorgeous patterns for lacework etc inside. It is a 8 page piece. I can only display 2. I got this for $10 off Ebay. I have questions to answer in this post...
1.What colour is the kitchen? Chalk white USA...but changing shortly, again.
2.Describe your kitchen? A mix of bad 70's wood, beautiful old world features, beaded borad ceilings, huge cook on fire and Tasmanian Oak floors.
3.Describe dream kitchen? This could take forever...I wont go there now.
4.Fave activity in kitchen? Cooking in winter
5.Name 1 thing it is lacking/missing? A brilliant oven.
6.Do you cook and bake a lot? Yep
7.What dont you like & what would you change? Really only the oven and paint the cupboards.
8.What do you love? The ceilings and the big fireplace
9.Worst kitchen activity? Cleaning oven and taking bin out
10.Tea or Coffee? Coffee
11. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
12.Do you like to prepare food or eat it? both
13.Do you prefer to serve meals in the kitchen or dining? Depends what it is. Ultimately the kitchen.
Now I challenge...

I have also been tagged to show you my blogging space by Catherine and the Ladies at Porchlight Interiors.
This is about all it is...big 6yr old computer, glasses, coffee, diary, pen and colour charts. I will be getting a laptop soon so then it will be nowhere in this space (Mics Slot Car room).

I am suposed to tag others, but I think you have all done it. I would however love to see Brooke's blogging space. Ness xx


  1. I think you are pretty lucky to have a fireplace in a 70's kitchen! Love your space - love your blog.

  2. Wow, I love all of the decorative elements you have in your kitchen. The candelabra is great ($10?! Amazing), and I love that French newspaper. I'll have to be on the lookout for something like that.

  3. Oh Ness, I fear you may be disappointed, but of course I will do this for you! Give me a couple of days. I promise to post my little "blog cubby" space by the end of the week.


  4. In my nervousness I forgot to mention how amazing you kitchen is!
    I want to have tall glass canisters for my flour, sugar, etc... The old newspaper was quite a find.



  5. Ness, your kitchen is wonderful! The canisters, the turbinado sugar, the pewter labels, the chandelier, the beadboard ceiling -the fireplace- everything! I love it all.
    I'm so glad you tagged Vicki, I can't wait to see her kitchen, too!

    xo Isa

  6. all gorgeous ness! i love everything in your kitchen, which looks pretty and airy and sounds very homey with all the cooking and love in there. :)

    i also see the farrow & ball colour chart is never far away. i keep mine open to see my favorite colours every day. :)

    nice also to see declan's ant farm made it in. too funny.

  7. OMG Ness - this is the end of a lovely bloggie friendship!! The only pic I'll post of my 1972 kitchen nightmare is a close-up of the sledge hammer MOTH will be using on it very soon! It is the worst kitchen I've ever had in 30 yrs. - maybe I could do a retrospective entitled 'Kitchens I've Loved & Loathed!' Stay tuned!
    Millie ^_^
    P.S. You've done a fabulous job making your interim kitchen look so inviting, what a star you are!

  8. Your kitchen is quite lovely just as it is - I really love those glass canisters too!

  9. Those piccies are rather nice! I wouldn't mind cooking in that kitchen

  10. The pressure is on Ness - best clean up first!! I am delighted to show you and I will post it next week. Mr FF gave me a new camera for my birthday and I am excited to play with it but making myself read the instructions is another matter....
    Your kitchen is so warm and friendly and I love the china and the way you have hung your art work, xv.

  11. Love the idea of paintig canvas to look like Sid Dickens tiles.

    gr Mel

  12. Ness- it's so pretty!!! The canvases you painted!!! wow Love your tall cannisterd too- just gorgeous!! I think you're too harsh on it because I don't see 70s at all!! love it.

  13. Do you also collect Sid Dickens or just paint like them?

  14. Terri,
    Declan was wrapped to see it here. If only it matched the kitchen.
    Ness xx

  15. Lauren,
    I had to really be creative to make those photos look nice. It really is just the cupboard doors that are horrid. Over all it has great bones...just needs a paint make over.
    Ness xx

  16. Free2beme,
    I would LOVE to have a Sid Dickens block or several (lol), but they haven't found there way to me yet. When we get the store going I will carry maybe then.
    For the time being though I have been painting the ones I love. I would love to paint them all, but dont get a lot of time, so the 4 in our kitchen will do for now. I had a look at your collection and it is huge and so beautiful, you are very lucky to have so many.
    Ness xx

  17. Such lovely little touches - they really take your kitchen out of ordinary and make it special. Puts mine to shame!

  18. What a beautiful blog site! I love your work. Your painted kitchen fireplace is an inspiration. How did you accomplish painting the inside? Did you have a chimney sweep clean the soot or did you do it yourself before painting? I am new to your blog, sorry if you've already explained how you did it. I LOVE the end result!


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