Monday, February 16, 2009

Beauty Found...

Look what I found! This glorious site full to the brim with stunning French pieces to make anyone drool. The Louis salon settee at the top is something I WILL have one day...totally fallen in love with this piece. I only got to view the first 3 pages and could have spent hours on there. So for some serious eye candy, click HERE.
BTW- Thank you to all who left lovely comments about my Friend who passed. I really appreciated them all. I spent the weekend doing some serious sewing, made home made pizzas and generally had a homebody weekend and feel a lot better for it. Thanks!
Ness xx


  1. That Louis settee is fabulous isn't it? I could imagine it tucked into a bay window in a boudoir.
    I'm glad you are feeling a little better after throwing yourself into some creative activites. It's never nice when someone you care about passes.

  2. Ness, that furniture company is quite amazing - absolutely gorgeous furniture! That is quite the find on your part. I noticed there weren't any prices on the website - are we talking splurge prices?

  3. Beautiful, Ness!! So glad you are feeling better and so so sorry to hear about your loss...

  4. The furniture is beautiful - sometimes beautiful images can lift our spirits, even if it is only temporary.

  5. I need a hanky. I love love love the settee. Gorgeous! what a great find.

  6. The settee is a definite must.
    So pretty.



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