Monday, February 2, 2009

Gorgeous Claws...

I can't think of a more beautiful bathroom feature than a clawfoot. I know this image doesn't have feet..but I still class it as a clawfoot. This bathroom is breathtaking with all of the roughness in wood, brick antlers and old signs...then this stunning white piece to really make a statement.

Another 'no foot clawfoot', courtesy of Brooke Giannetti. The tile platform we are thinking of stealing for our own bathroom makeover as we don't want to loose our wide wooden it!

Mari Eriksson Photography
Ahh! A clawfoot. You can't go wrong with a Chandelier, jug and bowl, lots of white and a beautiful bath.

Via - Velvet & Linen

See! It is a successful formula...Clawfoot + jug and bowl + Chandelier (can't see it but I bet its there)= Magnificently beautiful bathroom.
What a great way to use an awkward spot under the eaves.

Via - Daisy Pink Cupcake
This is Heaven.
I would need to have some texture to make it work for me. Stone, wicker and some worn wood.
We haven't even attempted our bathroom yet as it is HUGE! Like, the same size as our kitchen/dining area (have a look here to see the size), so in the meantime I will just have to squint at our clawfoot and pretend the surroundings are as beautiful as these.
Ness xx
PS- it is raining here and 16C...lovely!


  1. What gorgeous bathrooms you've chosen to post. I had a clawfoot in my previous home and I have a more modern version of the clawfoot (a stand alone bath) in my new bathroom and simply love it. It's sad I know, but it gives me so much joy every time I walk in the bathroom and look at it! Cant' wait to see what you come up with for your own bathroom. Thanks for a very stylish post.

  2. Very nice! I especially love the first two pictures. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Hi Ness
    Thanks for your lovely comment. The paint colour is Hog Bristle (full strength) by Dulux. I have painted this through most of the living areas and everything seems to go with it.

  4. Great images and thank heavens for rain! Lucky you

  5. Rain and 16C - how lovely! Can you send some of it my way?
    Great post. Love love love that first bathroom, might have to save it to my file!

  6. Just gorgeous Ness. Enjoy the cool weather, you lucky thing! A-M xx

  7. Glad to hear you've got a break from the horrendous weather Ness. We're not so lucky here - still 39C.,which I suppose is better than 45.7!

    Lovely post, & I'm studying all the features closely trying to garner as many ideas for our demolished monstrosity!
    Millie ^_^

  8. LOVELY tubs!! I am so in the mood to sink into one now...cold and rainy here too!

    Your home is LOVELY.

    Enjoyed peeking at your blog!!

  9. The brick wall with the wood is beautiful.

  10. I'm with you 100% about a clawfoot tub. That first bathroom is a dream. I could live in there.

  11. Oh Ness you are the biggest i would LOVE any of these bathrooms. Did you see the one on the blog Cote de Texas a while back? My favourite ever ever. I WILL have a bathroom like this one day (positive thinking and all that). Mel xxx

  12. Gorgeous bathrooms Ness! There is something very elegant about a free standing bath - especially love the tiles over the timber floors. Tracey xx

  13. Thank you Ness for the shout out!
    You know how much I love free standing tubs.
    They are just so beautiful. I can't imagine having a bathroom without one.


  14. They are all gorgeous, but I'd really love to have that first bathroom. YUM! I think it's as large as my entire house thought... so fit may be a problem... LOL.
    xo Isa


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