Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hydrangeas, dust and inspiration...

OK, for some of you this post may seem a bit 'all over the shop', but bear with me...there is a theme. Gardens and Hydrangeas. I have been looking for inspiration as you know for our garden (which currently resembles a dust bowl) and found images from favourite garden designer Katherine Field. If you want inspiration the check her site out...anyway, this house/garden below speaks to me so I had to show you.
Not only is the home divine...but there are Hydrangeas, Agapanthas, formal gardens...

...more Hydrangeas, urns, a brilliant pool...and green grass!
This below is a hint of what is happening with our veranda makeover-

See, no grass. Just a grey dust that cloaks anything that will stand still long enough to be covered when a puff of wind blows!!! Now you see why I needed this post today. I have no grass and it is raining. Also, we have just entered Autumn, which is one of my favourite times in the garden next to Spring. So, motivation is the key here.

My beloved Hydrangeas are in there last stages of beauty, before they turn into brown sticks for the Winter. I am going to have to cut some to savour them over the cold months.

This is the first year that this particular one was the colour it said on the tag!

I am looking for some designs that will kick off our garden. We don't have any pathways yet. I don't like hard concrete, but would settle for something that included grass in it like this, in a more random layout. We will have box hedges everywhere as well.
Since we have a large space to turn into a garden. I would really hope to have a little 'secret' space like this in a more cottage feel where I can cut flowers from to bring inside.
Maybe some paving for extra seating areas and a kids play space...with Hydrangeas of course

Now this idea is if we win lotto! A pool house, pool and spa, surrounded by Agapanthas, Hydrangeas and loads of green. The light fitting in the pool house is beautiful.

...but I will be happy to turn our dusty patch beside our veranda into a lush oasis that is filled with one of Dads' birdhouses on a pole, loads of box hedging, Agapanthas, a seating area, and ...Hydrangeas! What do you think?
Ness xx
all photos Katherine Field except #3,4,5...by me!


  1. Oh My Gosh Ness! I love ALL these images! Hydrangeas are one of my favourites & these bleu/lavender pretties are awww...so lovely!!! One of your Dads' birdhouses, boxwood, a seating area will all be so lovely! Can't wait to see the progression! It's going to look so pretty. It also looks like your Veranda is on its way, Good Luck!!!

  2. I am sure Miss Kris, that this will be a project that will take a few years to be fully completed as we have just under an acre to landscape!!! Dirty nails here I come..lol
    Ness xx

  3. absolute perfection. I am in love with hydrangeas right now and they are the inspiration for my living room I'm working on right now. Thank you so much for this post, its so fresh, you must be far away from me through because I'm entering spring right now. Australia? Well, great post!:D

  4. Hi Ness, I was up at the look out at Mt Macedon in Victoria last weekend and they have this stunning walk way of hundreds of hydrangeas. The effect is amazing. These gardens you have posted are beautiful. Kate

  5. It sounds like it will be gorgeous! Good luck with getting that garden green and lovely.

  6. Hi Ness,
    What great inspiration those photos are. My mum used to have a huge hydrangeas bush growing at the back door of their old place. The always looked great. Your verandah will look fab when it's finished, stay positive, the wait & the dust wil be worth it.
    I love the poolside pavilion in the second last pic!
    ~S~ xxx

  7. Hi Ness,
    I...at last have had a chance to take a peek into your etsy store...your work is lovely! So gorgeous, I have done a little feature on you on our Designers Blog.

    XXX Rachael


  8. So much potential, so much inspiration...it is going to look absolutely gorgeous one day, no doubt about that.

  9. love, love, love hydrangeas - wish I could grow them up here!

  10. All lovely garden ideas. I too have a thing for hydrangeas. I've been planting blue ones around the farmhouse for the last two years. I think I need about 6-8 more to be finished this year. Since I've been planting the Endless Summer variety, I have hydrangea blooms all summer and all of fall!

  11. Think of it as starting with a blank canvas- you get to design, create and reap the benefits of doing it yourself! Something tells me you will have a sweet, calming place where you can sit, sip and peruse beautiful design books.

  12. Just found your blog...I will never miss another post! :-)

    The Lettered Cottage

  13. I love hydrangeas! Unfortunately, they don't grow here very well. My mom tried once, watered them day and night, but after the summer, they were gone!

    Good luck with your garden, and I hope you and your sister can open your shop and cafe soon!


  14. I'll take an all over the place post anytime when it is as beautiful as this, Ness.
    I am a hydrangea fanatic. Those images of the stunning blue hydrangeas around the pool! Wow. It doesn't get better than that.
    Your pink babies look so lovely with their white trim.
    My lovelies are still hibernating, but spring is just around the corner. It is wonderful having Australian friends like you who share their gardens with us in the US. It is like having spring all year long.


  15. I love hydrangeas Ness - they remind me of Christmas in Oz because my mother always did arrangements from our garden with them and they were gorgeous. I can just see them alongside your verandah too. xv
    BTW my kitchen is finally up.

  16. I know the feeling my garden was also a dust patch and recently we've done the hole garden. Can't waith for spring it all look a little depressing and muddy now.

    I really like the 7th picture with the lavander and the Hydrangeas arborescens ‘Annabelle. I've planted these as well their so pretty.

    Good Luck with your garden!

    gr. Mel

  17. Ness, what wonderful plans you have for your garden. I can see you have set in place the foundations for a gorgeous garden.

    Also, just wanted to thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a kind, thoughful comment regarding the passing of my dog, Biko. I appreciated it so much. Lee x

  18. I also love Annabelle Hydrangeas. The large mopheads turn a beautiful chartreuse color as they dry. They make lovely cut arrangements when they are at their peak and beautiful dried arrangements for the fall and winter seasons.

  19. Your veranda is moving along. Your hydrangeas are wonderful. Anything with loads of hydrangea, agapanthas, and lots of green grass is going to be stunning. It can't help but be. As you can probably tell, I love hydrangea. They don't often do well in Texas.
    Beautiful pictures.

  20. Your inspiration is beautiful. I'm sure your garden will be gorgeous!
    Love your ideas, I'm looking forward to seeing it evolve.

  21. Layla,
    thank you so much for visiting.

    I adore your kitchen...I have been and had a look. thanks for sharing it, its beautiful,

  22. Lee,
    You are more than welcome. I would be a mess.
    Take care,
    Ness xx

  23. I love hydrangeas. It's cold, gray, and wintry here right now, so I really enjoyed these summery photos.


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