Tuesday, April 21, 2009

For your next photo shoot

This majestic home is a photo shoot rent space! I know...WHY!! People should be filling these wonderful plaster walls with warmth and promise. Oh well! you can rent it for the day, week or however long for your next catalogue shoot or feature film. I would be happy with a peek in side and that sofa thanks ;) The whole home is filled with period features and gorgeous windows that fill it with loads of natural light.It is situated in London somewhere, and has a mix of French and English pieces, or you can bring your own. I could imagine a million photo shoots in this house.

I wonder if the owners would miss some of the pieces after I left? I love the tall skirting boards, old mantels lime washed floor boards...and that big frame.

The kitchen is sweet. I could imagine a Winter shoot here. Loads of creamy cable knit and food props like baguettes, knobs of butter in little china dishes, big white ironstone casseroles ready for the oven, and a couple of children near the heater with their brown paper covered crayons drawing on butchers paper and Mum hanging them on a twine line with wooden dolly pegs. Little white washed pots filled with Lavender lined up along the window and loads of fresh produce sticking out of the wicker baskets....

...or a small stack of fluffy white towels on this divine chair, some waffle weave slippers and a glass of Champagne and some bubbles beside it that have spilled over. Little glass crystal glasses that are being make shift hurricane lamps and a big chunk of L'Occitane soap resting on some white pebbles.
Can't you just see that in here?
This unexpected sink I am not sure if it is in the bathroom, kitchen or laundry. I would like to think it is in the laundry with a little line of natural coloured knitted socks hanging from it and some shelves near by with big glass canisters on them filled with washing powder, chunks of soap, wooden pegs and the like...and big zinc scoops inside.
Well, back to reality. It is an amazing home and I love it.
Ness xx


  1. Yay! Thank you for commenting on my blog - I didn't think you loved me anymore. Just kidding! :)I've been having troubles with my blog too. Like my latest post - it has no spaces in it - no matter what I do, all the text just posts as one big horrible blob. Oh well!

    I could imagine a model dressed in some beautiful long dress, lounging oh so casually on that delicate couch, one shoe dangling over the side! Beautiful!

  2. What a wonderfully romantic place. I could move right in . . . with all your styling touches, of course! -susan

  3. Wow- I didn't know homes like that were available for a photo shoot. I love the large round rocks by the bath tub.

  4. What an absolutely lovely place and wonderful fantasy. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Seriously divine house Ness, xv.

  6. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  7. * Ohhhh, those killer bookcases!!! Thanks! Linda in AZ *

  8. wow so beautiful!!! love its simplicity

  9. Oh my, they would have to evict me if I ever had the opportunity to visit....so beautiful!!

    Your blog is fabulous and your pillows and tags on Etsy are adorable. I especailly love the french ispired tag with the bee.

    Have a great day!
    Nashivlle, TN
    The Bloom Girls

  10. The palette is so relaxing, I love it!

  11. How magical! I love whites with just a touch of darker woods. Thanks for the dream material.

  12. I agree!
    The wall of cabinets is gorgeous, and the kitchen is so charming. I always love what I find when I visit you, Ness.


  13. What a stunning home I could move in tomorrow, thank you for sharing xx

  14. Forget the photo shoot....I am moving in!!!

  15. Wowwww weeee! I love that wall with the huge bookshelf and that blue and white tub. I will pick those right up. THE BEST NESS!

  16. I love these pics...ALL of them! Thanks for sharing them.


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