Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Number 8...

This awesome UK vintage shop, No. 8 is a constantly evolving store as they update their supplies from Markets, vintage finds and designers. They aim to please with a range from French, Scandinavian, modern to the coastal style. I found some lovely things. Here are a few.
This beautiful dressmakers form isn't on of the items for sale sadly, but the lovely long handled market bag is. I can imagine Ciabatta and Sourdough loaves and fresh veggies and farmers honey in here on a Sunday morning....and that form in my home - oh well. This bakers stand is so me. Mic and I had a stand, not as beautiful as this, in our first home which followed us to a few more before our move to this house. Now I kick myself for getting rid of it as this house is the best suited for it. I will have to keep my eye out...Mum can you look too?

I really love this little cupboard. I know it doesn't fit with my usually decorating suspects, but I would have this in my office. It would be great while I sew to jot down measurements etc.

What a beautiful piece. The wallpapered back is a nice touch and I love the aged yellow.

My favourite is this console table in wrought iron. It would look so good in our hallway with it's marble top and Fleur De Lys at the bottom.
There are so many more beautiful things for you to look at HERE.
I'm off to look some more,
Ness xx


  1. Where DO you find these great little discoveries Ness. You are always digging up lots of lovely goodies for us!

  2. I am dying for a trip to the UK soon as they seem to have the most glorious shopping, although you are definitely pulling me to Australia with that fabulous Store & Co. you visited not long ago...

  3. Love this jute bag! What are you getting? Thanks for this lead!

  4. Ce meuble tableau noir correspond à mes tendances du moment ! J'adore !!!

  5. Am rather taken with that blackboard cupboard ... and I think it's perfect for an office. Great find.

  6. Hey Ness...Great photos! Love the blackboard cupboard. Have a great day :)

  7. I just found your blog via FrenchBlue- She did a BEAUTIFUL post over your BEAUTIFUL work. Love it. Love it. Love it!

  8. I just love the "blackboard" cabinet too! And the pooch in front of it...

  9. You are so good at finding beautiful pictures! Just love the mannequin.....

  10. I love the chalkboard cabinet, it has inspired me, to paint a cabinet I already own with chalkboard paint. I will be posting about my cabinet on my site and I would love to post your picture and site on my blog as my inspiration, with your permission of course. I love your site and thanks for the inspiration.


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