Monday, April 20, 2009

Office Before & Currently....

Like I mentioned on Friday, I spent some of the weekend re-organising my office/sewing room. It was a huge mess and I thought I better not start with a before pic, cause it will hurt your eyes!!! So above is a little glimpse of my new table (more on that) and some of my wrapping paraphernalia. Here we the sort out!
I told you...horrid! We had no where else to store all the stuff while the doors were being put in...except in here! This was the corner where I had my little table, which has become way too small. All of my paperwork, orders and sewing was done from this little table! It has been turned onto the other wall, and is now my wrapping station...I needed one.
A better view of what a mess it was. This is while I was starting to sort...and boy did I cull!

On Sunday, Mic, the boys and I went to Evandale Market and I found this lovely old Coogan's table. Coogan's is an old Tasmanian furniture manufacturer. It even has the old makers mark underneath. I got it for $35.00. The dealer turned out to be our towns second hand dealer, so he brought the table home the 60kms for me for free! It arrived this morning and I gave it a light sand to reveal the lovely wood on top, which will be waxed and the bottom will be painted white.

It now looks so nice with my made over lamp on it. I will show you during the week, the before and after of the lamp.

This is what you can see now as you look in the door, instead of a builders site! I was still in the process of vacuuming and organising at this stage, hence the cords on the floor. I still have to hang some artwork on the walls and tweak here and there

I love the table in here (even though it is not done). I recycled a rail off Masons' old cot for hanging my fabric from and for things in progress, which is leaning against the wall.
I am still planning a paint makeover for in here. I want the walls to be a moody, smokey brown and I am liking Murobond's 'Smoke' and 'Stone', Resene's 'Eight Mondo' and Dulux's 'Self-destruct'. Whatever I go with here will be offset by crisp white trim for the picture rails, chair rail, skirting boards, fireplace and the tongue and groove panelling. I am looking forward to doing something like this in here, as it is the office, I can be a little more daring than my palette usually allows. I think it will play up the warmth of the wood table as well. I will let you know what I decide here.

Eeew! Things that didn't go are just shoved anywhere. I haven't spent a lot of time in here see why! I didn't like seeing all of my lovely bits and pieces plonked just anywhere.
That little two door cupboard was one of my bargain finds. I got it for $5.00! The bird houses are my Dads creations waiting to be painted.
After a little clean up, it looks better. My new Keep Calm poster arrived on Friday, and until I get it framed for the wall, I hung it over my old mirror. It worked well as the frame has a tiny fleck of gold paint around the wood grain from a previous colour.
So, as I crack on with this I will show you as it develops.
Now I can't wait to work in my finally sorted space.
Ness xx


  1. Oh wow! Fantastic job. Bet you feel so good. It's a huge office...with a mantle! Lucky you. Hope you feel inspired now that you have a fresh change ;)

  2. What a nice room to work in, Ness. Love that wonderful table.

  3. What a great deal on the table and your office looks just lovely. Who wouldn't want to work there. Have a great Monday.

  4. Ness, you have such a way with restoring furniture - you take what looks like a sows ear and turn it into a silk purse. The table/desk already looks wonderful. Lee :)

  5. Fantastic job and love the table. Sandi

  6. A real haven Ness - you will be very inspired and super creative in this gorgeous room,xv.

  7. Love it Ness! And those little bird houses your Dad created.. how special. Looks like your creativity is ready to bloom.

    xo - Noel

  8. I love that table! My home office has just been revolutionised now that I've moved house ... lovely, handyman MC65 bought me a $35 door from Bunnings and some trestles from IKEA. Voila! The biggest desk I've ever worked on (or made a mess on)

  9. Wow, Ness it looks like a lovely space to create in. I love what you've done repurposing Mason's cot rails to hang fabric samples. Hugo's just moved out of his and I've been wondering what to do with it. It's a lovely vintage one that I painted Chalk White USA. Have you done anything with the rest of the cot?


  10. What a lovely office space! And you have a fireplace, too!! What I want to know is why can't I find those fantastic deals -- like your table, which I love?! Thanks for sharing. enjoy, -susan

  11. looks great well done will look fantastic when you finish great space for creating
    Lynette :)

  12. Your room has such fantastic 'bones'. Love all the little touches, like the ball of twine and your plaster tag. Looking forward to seeing what colour you chose to paint it.

  13. Great job girl - I'm sure your creativity levels will soar to new heights in such lovely surroundings! That table is the blogland bargain of the week!
    Millie ^_^


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