Thursday, April 23, 2009

Provence in New Zealand

Our friends across the ocean in NZ really do live a beautiful life. After seeing Anna Spiro's photos of her recent trip there, and the constant eye candy that is in one of my favourite magazines NZ House & Gardens, I am wanting to go there for a holiday more and more. This month I was taken in by this beautiful home from 1916, that has been lovingly restored by Aussie couple Hans and Helen van der Muelen and there Interior Designer Daughter, Anna.
Each photo of the house is gorgeous. Like this little white cabana with its aqua pool.
They even give you a peek inside the cabana. That colour on the walls is basically the linen shade I want for our living room (if anyone knows what it is, please email me).
Couldn't you just imagine lounging around here in the Summer months, making Lunch dwindle into Dinner?
The couples' Daughter, Anna, moved to NZ from Sydney for 9 months to Project Manage the makeover. What a lovely job she has done.
Lots of milky whites, linen, Travertine floors and neutral shades make for one little piece of to read the rest.
Ness xx


  1. I am a kiwi living away from NZ so love the NZ House and Gardens website. The house is gorgeous, I love the taupe chairs, they have some similar ones on the maisons du monde website.

  2. Love those photos. So peaceful and lovely!

  3. So Beautiful! What did you get for your Birthday (besides lots of kisses and smiles)?

  4. Eye candy at its best, thanks I needed that!! Chrissy

  5. Yes, I can so imagine that! Love the photos of eye candy. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Oh gorgeous Ness! Although I did have a giggle thinking about the possibility of getting our boys to Project Manage their parent's next house makeover - the mind boggles!
    It would look like a cross between Hugh Hefner's horrendous place & the local Pub's front bar & sports lounge!
    Millie ^_^

  7. Just gorgeous Ness. How beautiful is that Cabana! A-M xx

  8. Beautiful.....The shade of paint looks very much like Hog's Bristle, which is gorgeous. In relation to a post you did a couple of days ago, I have just painted my hallway in Self Destruct and I love it. I then painted my lounge about 3 shades darker (Jarrah) and I am in love!!! Can't wait to see your sewing room when it's finished!

  9. Ness- Beautiful photos. That color looks very similar to the color I just painted my entire house. I consider it a warm gray - the color I chose was Accessible Beige from Sherwin Williams. Hope that is helpful.

  10. JUST GORGEOUS! I love all of these photos!


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