Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Road Trip to...Store & Co

Today we (Mic, boys and I) all went on a road trip to Hobart, which is about 2.5hrs south of us to visit a store I have long wanted to see, Store & Co. I hoped we didn't travel all that way for a tiny shop with not a lot in it...oh no, it was more than I had expected. Big old sandstone building, made by convicts (not the ones that done our home!) with beautiful detailing. Standing at the front window was plenty enough...lucky I remembered the camera, you will love it!
Inside it is filled with vintage pieces, old sideboards, ornate mirrors, gorgeous hand made pieces, beautiful fresh flowers. All lovingly sourced and rescued to be put in this divine store. My favourites were these pillows made with ticking, grain sacks and lovely patterns.

These wire sculptures had just come in and were waiting to be placed somewhere in the store amongst something just as lovely. I think the one on the counter was sold while I was there. I love the description of what a store is on the wall behind the counter.

The store is awash with natural light that highlights all of the wicker, cotton and whimsical pieces about like this Chinese looking figure that is accessorised with a lovely red hand bag...how chic!
Store & Co is one of those places you could get lost in for quite some time. Branches, old prams, vintage French house numbers, books on Paris and luscious soaps and body lotions all deserve to be looked at. Mic always says that these sorts of shops need 'Husband Benches' outside...lucky he was taking the kids back to the car while I browsed.

I love this little cupboard and the old mirror. If only I had a small truck with me...or a trailer lol!

Being a lover of Architecture and detail, I was adoring the pressed tin ceiling, deep cornices and the general age of the building as well as all that filled it. (hint to family...I LOVE Zinc letters like the 40...see them?)
I did buy something while I was there, although only a book...a book that has my creative mind going berserk...you'll have to wait and see what I create from it.

While we were in Hobart, we did look at other places, had a coffee and took the boys up to Mt Wellington...which is huge...and freezing!

We were lucky to see anything at all. Just before we went up there it was covered in clouds, which seemed to move for us, then just as we left, they came back. Which is just as well...

...Declan and Mason HAD to play in the snow!!! What, snow! It is only the beginning of Autumn people! Lucky we had extra jackets in the car. That's Mason on the left and Declan in the stripe jumper and me freezing in the grey.
We had a lovely day and Store & Co is worth a visit if you ever go to Hobart. Ness xx


  1. I could absolutely get lost here. What a beautiful place, thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh Ness, I love that store & have always wanted to go there. I'm planning a trip to Hobart later this year and I'm definitely going to drool over the beautifulness that is Store & Co. Thanks for whetting my appetite. Lee :)

  3. Husband bench! Ha ha, you'll have to remember that when you open your store! (I love my pillow-come visit when you get a chance to see it!)


  4. That looks like a really fun store with fantastic merchandise. What a beautiful place your family visited. Such a view!!

  5. that store is my kind of place. i adore the definition on the wall behind the check-out counter.


  6. I love to do little shopping road trips like that! I can definitely see that the store was NOT a disappointment. It looks like they had amazing stuff in there!

  7. What a LOVELY store Ness! Lots of goodies all over, I love the little touches of red in one of the images. Pretty!!! I can't wait to see what you do with the "Book"!

    ~Miss Kris~

  8. Your day was one to be treasured. Thank you for sharing it. What a beautiful family day! I can't wait to see what you are going to make. Pretty please will you give us a hint? I love those wire flowers!

  9. Makes me want to hop on the ferry and scoot on over! I've seen this shop featured in Country Style, and after seeing these gorgeous pictures, I really want to go! Thanks for sharing Ness.

  10. lovely store..lovely hobart!!!!
    i want to go to there.

  11. I went to that store in Hobart ... it's gorgeous!

  12. I would go crazy in that store! I want to live in it.

  13. I live in Hobart and I've never been to that store WHAT!? where is it how come I did't know it existed I" going there right now or as soon as possible! Did you go to Wishbone as well thats a fabulous store.
    Lynette :)

  14. What a lovely shop, well worth the trip I feel!

    Leeann x

  15. What a beautiful store and picks from Hobart . Gorgeous!

  16. I could spend hours in a store like that~ How divine!

  17. I love store and co - I can't go in there too often because I spend too much money. But I always drive past slowly and have a good look at the wonderful window displays being careful not to run up the back of someone!

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful day in Hobart.


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