Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Office Inspiration...

This little summer house is providing me with huge inspiration for re doing our outdoor shed thing that I want as an office. I would love to line it with fence pailings , painted white, white floors, some salvaged French doors for the front and very girly as I am surrounded by males.
Inside is beautiful. White floors bounce light about and the simple fit out of this hut is accented by the vintage inspired furniture and soft muted pastel fabrics.

Love the sofa, rocking chair and big trunk. I have all these, except the sofa...I can find one!

As our outdoor space, referred to as the 'woodshed' from its previous duties, has no electricity it will have to have a simple homemade looking chandelier. I would make this out of cut glass tumblers. We will have some sort of power for my sewing machine obviously.
Park benches turned into seating and paired with floral fabrics scream heaven. The addition of a Hydrangea stem just finishes this photo for me.
I could see a big white tressle table, stacks of linens waiting to be sewn, glass jars on shelves filled with mother of pearl buttons in white, wheat and greys, and loads of hurricanes lanterns all grouped together for the warm glow that only candlelight can give and wire vintage baskets filled with all of my orders waiting to be sent.
Once our little flowering Crab apple and Magnolia grow bigger, I hope our backyard to look as serene. Now to find some doors and get on to it!!!
BTW - I just found out that my clay tags were used in the April issue of Aust Home Beautiful as well....YAY!!! Thanks for all of your lovely words about my small, but rewarding feat.
Ness xx


  1. Ness, it would feel like Summer all year round in a beautiful, light & airy space such as this. Lee :)

  2. Gorgeous inspiration! Have you decided what you are doing with the old stove in your kitchen (can't remember if you are keeping it in-situ or replacing it eventually)? Might be nice to have some heating in your "glorified wood-shed" if you are thinking of removing it from the kitchen!

  3. How gorgeous is this space! i will be taking inspiration from this for my new office that's for sure!!!!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!! Very inspirational!!

    I love your blog btw :)!


  5. What lovely photos! If you need help finding a french sofa, let me know :-) there are lots here..

  6. It would be adorable study/office/guest house.
    Ness, I've seen your tags in mag. Congratulation!!

  7. I would love to have a office or studio like that to work in! Thanks for sharing.

  8. This is a beautiful post and just the kick start I needed. I would love to do something a little similar for myself. Debbie

  9. sigh, I am working on mine, it's white but that's about it

  10. OMG Ness! This is so inspriational! You will have such a beautiful haven for your office! Great choice!

  11. Thank-you thank-you for this fantastic post Great inspiration for my garage conversion saved all these images
    Lynette :)

  12. It sounds like a perfect space to convert - very inspirational! Congratulations on the tags in Home Beautiful. Ax

  13. Now wouldn't that make a dreamy office..I wouldn't want to work, just curl up with iced tea and a good book!

  14. these images are so great !

    thank you

  15. What a fantastic idea? I would love to get my hands on a project like that, go girl, cant wait to see the end result, lots of white you cant go wrong xx


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