Monday, May 25, 2009

Chaise Mattress 101

I have quite a few of you wanting to know how I made my Chaise mattress (below), so I thought I would explain in one go. It's simple...
We had a single bed foam mattress laying around and taking up room, the cover of this was ripped, I stripped it, laid it on top of the Chaise and with a bread knife, started following the sides of the Chaise. You can pre mark it with a pen, then cut if you like. Once it is cut, you can tidy up the edges with your knife.
Then I laid a piece of black and white ticking (I think it was 2 meters) over the top of the mattress and under. Then slip stitch the ticking together. Then fold the ends over like a present, with the ends meeting the sides for a professional look. Slip stitch these down at both ends.
For the old style look. I just pinched about an inch of the foam the whole way around the top while I stitched every inch or measuring here! Once that is done, I stood back and thought about how many 'dents' in the middle of the mattress I wanted (which was 4) and with 3 pieces of white embroidery thread, sewed through the middle of the mattress (make sure you have band aids on hand!), back up right next to it and tie off at the top. This works better I found if you kneel on the mattress while you are tying to get that pulled in look.
That's pretty much it! Hope it makes sense. I don't know what the technical terms are =)
happy sewing,
Ness xx


  1. Ness, your ingenuity is amazing. And your chaise mattress looks a million dollars!

  2. Are you serious Ness - you are a legend - I am big with the ideas and bad on the practical! Love the chaise, xv.

  3. Hi Ness thankyou for your tips i have a iron bed that i thought i could turn into a day bed for the verandah so one of these matresses would be great with maybe some scatter cushions.Thanks Ness
    Amanda x x

  4. Wow!
    great job, that's a lot of slip stitching. How long did it take?
    love it.


  5. Thanks Ness will have a go real soon.
    Lynette :)

  6. Creativity galore & completing it yourself another hundred million points!!!!


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