Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loving These...

I am loving these two rooms from Pottery Barn. This one particularly. I think it is the table. I have seen these made with the tops of wooden palettes before and they look amazing. It all works for me the white, hints of Summer with the yellow and green, Botanical prints, French doors, gorgeous lamp and that cute little trunk. I am contemplating covering our sofa in possibly an off white denim, then I can accessorise with cushions like this as seasons change.
I see a photo like this however and I realise how much I love blue and white. Which makes sense as I am besotted with blue and white china, especially Ginger jars. I have Mum scouring for some in her favourite haunts while I look down here. I love those Batik style covers.
This photo reminds me of my Sister. She loves this sort of style. Beachy, fresh, RL hints...beautiful. Anyway my Amy Butler fabric turned up today so I am off to make covers to go on the Chaise. Have a great day,
Ness xx


  1. Ness,
    I love it too! Did you get my order and email yesterday?

  2. I absolutely love that cushion on the sofa in the second pic. It would be perfect for my bench seat on the back verandah. How I wish we could get Pottery Barn here!

  3. I love this room too! Just inspiring. Lori

  4. The first coffee table is fab - love the industrial look used like that, xv.

  5. I love my off white couches - so versatile and they make the room look bigger.
    I have a picture of a trolley coffee table on my post today too!

  6. I adore the rolling coffee table!

  7. saw so many of those tables at Brimfield, I love them!

  8. Hi Ness,
    I love love love your blog. This is my first time here. I broke down a few years ago and purchased an off-white slipcovered sofa and I have never regretted it. It allows me to change things up quite frequently according to the seasons. Stop by sometime and see what I have done with it lately.


  9. Hi Ness!

    Wanted to let you know that I just "awarded" you a blog award over on my blog!

    So glad I found your lovely blog!


  10. love your blog, such a pretty beachy style!


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