Friday, May 29, 2009

New Tags...and a question!

I have just added these Royal Tags to my Etsy Shoppe and thought you might like to see....but I want to ask all of you savvy Antique hunting people out there a question....
I found this old spoon while I was planting some Buxus hedges along our new veranda. It was in with some broken old pieces of crockery and glass. I have been wondering ever since I dug it up how old it is.
On the back it has a stamp that says 'ELCO', 'Stainless Nickle'...even if it is not old, I just love the patina of it, but I would love to know a date...even if it is the eighties. lol!
Do any of you know it's origins??
Have a great weekend,
Ness xx


  1. I don't know how to tell you the age, unfortunately. However, I agree it is quite a piece of treasure... My daughter and I found an old Wendy's happy meal toy in our yard from 1982 once and thought it was the coolest thing.. two different areas obviously, but I understand your thrill.. Good luck!
    love the tags!

  2. Wilson & Bradley in Melbourne make an ELCO series, perhaps it comes from them. (Some of their cutlery dividers do come with utensils included.)
    Hope that helps
    I use to find needles on the haystacks of the internet for work & discovered I'm quite excellent at it. If you were wondering...

  3. Cool find...looks like an old stew pot spoon. Couldn't imagine how old though. I'm sure you have a great place to display it!

  4. Good Morning Ness! I can't help you with the spoon although the patina is fascinating to me! I love your tags! AND I have a question too; I was reading your "Next Time" post (wanting to move in thanks to your wording!!lol) and came across "bus roll"??? I've never heard of this and was wondering what it is? Love love your blog and style (if I haven't mentioned that before!) Have a great weekend - Sincerely, Jeannette

  5. the tags are killer !
    love love love !!!


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  7. I adore old spoons! Good luck dating it.

  8. Oh the tags are beautiful!! You are so very talented and have a very good Eye for details. Love the old fabric under the wooden spoon, great texture.

    I hope you are well, how is the weather now in Australia? Here it is very hot, almost 30 degrees.

    Have a nice evening!
    Friendly hug, Aina

  9. No idea Ness, but it is lovely! xo Terri

  10. You have been busy my dear! I LOVE all your new designs!


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