Thursday, May 28, 2009

Next Time...

...we move any where, I imagine it to look like this! A beautiful white home, called 'The Beach House', with lush green gardens and water near by. I would have to be near the country side too, I would miss it too much.
A beautiful Summer porch for lounging on after a tiring day. Don't get me wrong, while ever my backside points to the ground I won't want to move from our current home, but the thought is there.
I have trawled through these photos a dozen times and thought of what I would do to make it ours.
I love this room, but it is a little too white...I know!!! how could I say that??
I would have to have some sisal underfoot, wicker trunks and baskets, the fire on (it is freezing here at the moment) a wonderful warm neutral art work above the fire maybe a bus roll, some vintage feed sack cushions on the lounge, maybe with a red madder stripe to them. An Olive Tree in a vintage zinc bucket beside the fireplace, books on the coffee table and baskets with toys for the boys underneath.
As beautiful as this space is, art work would have to go up, wicker roman blind on the window, and white and cream Ironstone on the shelves. A little topiary Rosemary tree would be cute beside the window for fresh tasting Sunday Roasts...mmmm! Oh, and a tall cylindrical vase to act as a fish bowl for two black moor fish with big white pebbles in the bottom and a ferny plant inside.

Oh to rest in this room...heaven. Candles is probably all I would add here.
The more I look at this home, I am pretty sure I seen it in an Australian magazine a few years ago, yep...tore it out and it is in my file. I am stealing this idea for our Bathroom...the silver letters, maybe for a wall.
The backyard is bliss.
and my office/workroom would go in here! Maybe I would open my shop in adorable....anyway, back to reality - painting!


  1. How peaceful, I love the weathered beams! **sighs**.
    That would have to be when there are NO children in the house all. LOL!
    The bedroom is my favorite..

  2. That is a dreamy home and I agree it does need a punch or two of tan and neutrals!

  3. I agree, my partner and I have decided that the next house that we buy will be near the sea....

    I am hoping that it is sooner rather than later :-)

    L x

  4. It would feel like summer all year round in a house like this. But I'm with you Ness, I think I'd inject a tiny little bit of colour.

  5. A white Beach House, I'll be happy with that too.

  6. A little dash of color and texture and it will be perfect!

  7. What a great find! That is my dream also .. to have a cottage by the sea.. I must go look through my magazines. It does look familiar. Thanks for sharing this and all the other beautiful images on your blog!

  8. Yep, a little too white & perfect for me. MOTH & all the boys would have to just stand outside looking in through the windows, no boys allowed!! However, after your quick Ness makeover, I'm loving it to the moon & back! And I reckon the boys may just get the nod to join me inside.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Beautiful house. I love that simple deck. And love all your suggestions...except, maybe, the fish. LOL Not sure they'd stand a chance with me!

  10. Ooooh Ness! What a delightful it! Yes, perhaps a bit too white but your ideas are so MARVELOUS!! All your sisal and wicker baskets. favourite is the rosemary by the kitchen window. SIMPLY LOVELY!!!

    TaTa ~Miss Kris~


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