Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Simple Things...

Days before IT (information technology) were soooo easy I think. I am having a huge problem uploading photos from my camera to my computer and cant figure out why. I did however manage these few...
Some simple and beautiful things from home I love. A vintage piece from an old Irish linen pillowcase, my little linen cross stitched heart pillow... natural twine which I use each day and a lovely old key.

I have recently bought off Etsy these little tags that I think are so cute and the old style bottles were purchased from a beautiful store in Oatlands. I love making little displays with all of the treasures that I find....especially if they are simply and beautiful.

Hopefully my software/computer sorts itself out soon...I'm over it! Ness xx


  1. Beautiful displays here Ness! Love the tags you found on Etsy! Tracey xx

  2. It's a gorgeous display you've put together - love the linen cross stitched heart. Leigh

  3. I love the photo with the old key, I was lucky enough to comple across a cute bundle of antique keys a couple of weeks ago. The tag is really cute.

    L x

  4. You just have a beautiful blog! I love to visit! I am glad that I found it :-)

  5. Ness,
    I love those old extract bottles~
    And of course the white french linen and old key!

  6. Everything is so pretty! Yes, technology is a hard master - some days I love it and some days I loathe it. There is never a balance it seems, always something amok!

  7. You really are wonderful at display, Ness.
    These images are so lovely.
    You must open up that shop of yours!
    Hope you are having a nice visit with your mum and I hope your camera heals itself soon (I find that mine always does. Not sure why).



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