Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Awards...for me???

I have been so slack of late getting around to saying thanks for these wonderful awards I was given a little while ago...sorry!This lemonade award was given to me by the lovely Becca at Front Door Junkin and I am so grateful that you have chosen M&L as one of your recipients, so thank you.
This next award was given to me by 2 wonderful bloggers, Ruth from The Beautiful Life Blog, and Lauren Jade from Blissful Design.
Thank you all so much.
Now I am supposed to pick 10 blogs for each award to pass this on to, that would make 30 I have to choose and seeing I love all the blogs in my side list here...I award it to you all for following me and filling me with inspiration and kind, inspiring comments each day. I thank you all for that so, so much.
Have a great day, Ness xx


  1. Beautiful, bun had a problem with the link, is the Name Charlotte instead of Caroline? I found it that way when I did a search for Caroline. Thanks for always posting such beautiful things!!

    Kim W

  2. Good for you! The awards are so well deserved.


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