Friday, June 26, 2009

Birth of a room...

Seeing I am in renovation mode again, I thought I would show you the evolution of this it came about and what it ended up as.
This is an improvement on how it began. We had to basically gut it and start again, re-lining the walls first and taking the old 70's brick off the beautiful old brick in the fireplace. The light and carpet is what was here when we bought it...someone liked them!!!
We had to fill between all of the beaded ceiling grooves, repaint, put up new cornice to suit the era, added picture rail and chair rail and high skirting's.
Dad set to work building the new fireplace surround to protect the old bricks. Previous owners had really done a job on the fireplace and we had to render the bottom just to stop it falling apart and to make it look nicer.
I painted this 1 meter x 1 meter canvas to become the main focal point of the room....
...while I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Mason! As you have probably guessed by now we were doing his bedroom/nursery. This was taken the day we brought him home.
We had to re carpet (obviously) and I painted the room Chalk USA as I wanted the toys and the canvas to be the main colours in the room. At the time we had balloon curtains in the window and side drapes were added. There is now wicker roman blinds. this point we still hadn't finished the fireplace. The bespoke corbels had gone on and the bricks and render painted the same as our other fireplaces, but the detail was still being sorted.
As of 3 weeks ago, it is now the playroom. We have taken the bed out and Mason is now in with Declan. He will probably go back in there at some point, but for now they want to be in the same room. Long time readers will know that the rooms in our home never stay the same way for long. I wonder what it will be next.
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
Ness xx


  1. It's beautiful. I love the art above the fire place.

  2. Your nursery looks great! The artwork is so cute!

  3. What a transformation! You have great vision Ness. A-M xx

  4. That's a lovely room. Put like that it always makes renovation look easy but we know better!
    How sweetthe boys want to be together! How long will that last? Enjoy your weekend. x

  5. Wow I remember those days. Lino over hardwood & scraping for days!!!
    Your canvas is beyong kidtastic!! You need to add those to etsy. Seriously. It reminds me of Oopsy Daisy. ( you do the jungle guys over the fireplace too??
    A dust free fun filled weekend to you & the boys.

  6. Josephine,
    I hope it does last...I may change the space before they do!!
    Ness xx

  7. Alicia,
    Thanks for your kind words on my Pregnant art!
    I did do the jungle animals as well, when Declan was about 6 mths old while I made hime some pumpkin mush...Mason borrowed it from him!!
    Ness xx

  8. I know this is going to sound weird....but where did you find that blanket your son is wrapped in? I had(have) a similar one as a child and haven't been able to find them anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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