Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Buggy Birthday Wish & a typo!!

I love these new Magnolia Bug photos by one of my favourite photographers, Kari Herer. I am thinking of some for our living room wall...I just can't commit to which ones!
A short post today to say sorry for the typo yesterday, which I have fixed (sorry Charlotte). I think I had my Sister, Caroline on my mind as it is her Birthday today...Happy Birthday Aunty!
Also Happy Birthday to my FIL (father in law), David. I hope you both have had a wonderful day.
Love you both,
Ness xx


  1. I jumble names all the time. Thanks mercy its neer been to anyones face.
    Happy birthday to Caroline & David!!! Ice cream for everyone!!!!

  2. Ooh Ness, that's a hard choice on the photographs - they're all so gorgeous! Lee :)

  3. They are lovely - number 1 or 2 or both for me...always love a pair! xv

  4. Birthday cakes, candles and happy wishes to your family members! Have a wonderful day, sweet Ness.
    I love the flowers in all the photos, and the top one is my favorite! The other bugs look a little too scary :( (I'm such a wimp!)
    xo Isa

  5. Oh Ness - so fabulous! Thank you for sharing~ I have not visited Kari for a while even though she is on my blog list... I have been missing out I see!

  6. I'm Speechless~~~ Amazing~~ I am so in love with these!! Thanks Ness for introducing this fabulous artist!!!
    Biggest Hugs~

  7. How cute is that! Love it. Heidi

  8. These are sooo neat!! I agree with Vicki above. I especially love the first two.

  9. Aren't those just incredible? The whole concept is so wonderful...I love all things nature. xo Joan

  10. Soooo very beautiful. My goodness. Love them!


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