Monday, June 1, 2009

just for me...

I had a lovely weekend with the Boy's on Saturday. It was SO cold and Mic was away watching the V8's all day, so we watched movies and played some games and it was really lovely. I did get to create on Sunday as well......and finally, create for myself as well as The Shop. I made some of these ruffled burlap linen hand towels, which are listed in my Etsy Shoppe. I think I will use them as hand towels over tea towels though. They are so thick and soft...too nice to use for dishes!
I finally was able to make my Amy Butler cushion for the Chaise.
The back is made with the reverse side of blue and white ticking. I like the soft, aged appearance it takes on. The little button is the same as the one on the other side and I used some of the cover material for this. The little beaded cushion to the left is one I made while Pregnant with Mason...I had a craving for beading and crewel work!!!
I decided the little cushion looked better on our bed, and I am loving these new European covers I made for my Etsy Shoppe. The blue has a shimmery effect to it. and it looks so fresh against the white.
This little lovely was a 'decide what to do while I am sewing' thing. I love it, and it now sits happily on my office chair.
And finally, this little ruffled cover for The Shoppe that has my new design on it. You can see some of these pieces HERE.
So, I am all inspired again and spent Sunday night printing some new panels for the shop, which I will somehow have to try and sew this week. As always, I would love to know what you think.
Ness xx


  1. That Amy Butler fabric is divine.... And as always your work for your store is beautiful. Its a pleasure to always stop by and see where you are at :)

  2. It is ALL so beautiful!! I am absolutely loving the image of your daybed with the Amy Butler cushions, striped ticking and exquisite beaded cushion!! Beautiful, beautiful work!

  3. great pillows, isnt it wonderful when we can have time alone to create!!!

  4. You are inspiring me to drag out my sewing machine. Beautiful pillows.

  5. everything looks so wonderful! Glad you had some creative time, it's so important isn't it?

  6. Gorgeous! I especially love the one on your office chair - it reminds me of a old fashioned ladies bloomers!

  7. Ness,
    I LOVE LOLVE these hand towels and I am SO jealous of your chaise! YOU AMAZE ME! I am going to go buy some now not later~

  8. ness,
    these are looking good.
    i still love that bench/daybed

    i found a lighting company that may make the pendant (in mercury) that you were looking for.
    it will post tomorrow.

  9. You do amazing work.. I love all of it! And the fabric is just gorgeous!

  10. Hi
    love your pillows, my favorite is
    ruffled cushion.. so pretty..
    great work.

    x Julie

  11. It is all impressive. What a lovely way to spend a chilly weekend.

  12. That fabric is as divine as your weekend was....all I need to add is the popcorn & hot chocolate with the homemade marshmellows of course!!!!!

  13. Both of your links go to a childrens author & I couldnt find it on her website , wich of course means its staring me in the face. Do you have a design name???
    Loving that fabric...& the pillow.

  14. Lovvvvve this Ness! And those hand TowelS!!!! Sooo darling my darling!

  15. Those towels are great -- I'm not surprised to see that you have sold out from your etsy shop! I also love your ceramic tags -- what a great idea, and the simple jute ties are perfect. You have such a nice look!


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