Monday, June 22, 2009

The Warmth Of Stone

Having an old home I am smitten with stone, particularly if it too is old. The warmth and texture of old stone can give a space soul and as it ages just gets better. I have found these images via the wonderful Robbin Stubbert, who has captured these rooms beautifully.
This dining area is sophisticated, warm and is the perfect backdrop to all the vintage art and furniture. I love this space.
Even on the porch, it makes you feel welcome. That stone sill is gorgeous!

Couldn't you imagine being in here with a crackling fire going, the smell of a baked dinner in the oven...and a good book? The stone is decoration enough for the walls in here and colours from the stone are picked up in all of the furnishings.
I am loving the mantel in this room, with the carved out date. Stone can look just as beautiful in a modern space and can blend with any colour scheme to create lovely spaces. I do love the big wood beams and the ones above the windows.
How is this for a breakfast area?
I think if it was mine I would eat out here all the time, especially if it had an outdoor fireplace...wonderful! Our own home is built on blue stone and I just love it and would like to use it for big flagstone like paving outside, but it would cost a fortune. So for now I will just be content to look at these pictures and imagine the spaces I could create.
Have a wonderful day,
Ness xx
all images Robbin Stubbert


  1. We are fortunate to have a large stone fireplace. That's what sold us on our old house. We moved in with nothing but a grand piano and a bed. Really...what more does one need?

  2. We are in the midst of renovating and removed all the paintwork to strip our cottage back to the original brick. It looks fantastic and has given the house a million times more character. Love your images!

  3. Hi Ness,
    I love the stone in first image. So pretty and inviting. How I would love to have that in my home. Probably so much easier to keep clean than my walls!
    Beautiful post.

  4. So much warmth & coziness!!!
    I loved the first & last image. Perhaps you'll be able to locate remnants of blue stone to accent whatever you do use for the entire job. I'm sending you bargain bliss karma your way!!!
    Stay by the fire & cozy up with the boys.

  5. Hi Ness,

    Beautiful images to start off a great week. Loved every picture - especially the first one!!

    Take care


  6. Gorgeous images. They all just glow! I love exposed brickwork, but this is just special. Have a great day!

  7. stone walls really DO IT for me !!
    love these images.

  8. Ness, just beautiful!! Have a blessed week, T

  9. I love the warmth of stone as well and added it on our home, all of my steps and on porch columns! It is just so much more charming and has an old style that I just adore! What fascinating pics you have them!


  10. Beautiful photos! I especially loved how they all combine the rustic stone with refined furnishings. Lovely!

  11. Ness,
    Stone is warm and so natural with all that fabulous texture~ I would be happy with it anywhere. Love this post! Can one do natural stone counter tops?

  12. Hi Ness~ I am loving this stone! All your images... so lovely!
    xoxo Noel

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    Now I'm passing it on to you because your blog is great!!

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  14. I am so completely enamored with stone.

  15. Ness,
    I also posted a few weeks back on these lovely rooms. Most are from a wonderful home called Coffey Creek Farm north of Toronto. The stone is not actually old, but built only ten years ago -amazing! For more information on it you can find it under Coffey Creek Farm! Lovely images!


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