Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Bus & Tram Scrolls...

Country Living
My love of the Bus/Tram roll is on going and as we speak I am planning on making two long canvases to put above our sofa that will look like a Bus roll but have a personal meaning to the destinations like where we met, Married, live etc. I love this image above of the bus roll alongside the black framed photos.
Marley & Lockyer
My love of these rolls led to the design of my first Bus Roll cover. These sold really well and there will be more on the Etsy Shoppe soon
Marley & Lockyer
My London one has sold well also.

David Met Nicole
For something truly unique, the store Davidmetnicole has these wonderful, made-to-order wing back chairs covered in either English or Australian bus rolls. I think they are amazing and how good would one of my bus roll covers look on it?
Junk Market Style
This original roll was pulled out of a bus by the owner, so it is in mint condition...lucky!
Tram Banners
There are a lot of places now selling prints and canvases of these gorgeous typographic (is that the word?) masterpieces. Some are hideously expensive and others are very reasonable. It pays to do your homework.

via The Lettered cottage
Now I know this is not a bus or ram roll, but it has the same qualities....I just love this sign and thought I would show that even if your home is small, you could still have a piece of roll magic on your wall...even if it is an old ad! It is the whole white text on black thing that has everyone smitten I think...well I am!
1st Dibs
...but after all is said and done and I have made my own version of this new classic, I would really like a real one under glass.
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness, what a great idea. I don;t think that I have seen this idea before, although I have seen the first picture, which I love and, of course have seen your cushions. Brilliant. XXXX

  2. Lovin' your work. The idea of a personal bus roll is gorgeous

  3. Ness, I so love your blog - I am starting my own - and in the (complicated) process, made many references to yours! Louise

  4. I love them too Ness. There is a shop near us selling a couple of original large ones. Thousands of dollars, alas! xx

  5. Fab idea of personalizing your tram roll Ness - very romantic actually. Although mine would start with dark Car-Park, 'cos that's where MOTH & I first eyed each other off! I'm sure yours will be heaps classier.
    Millie ^_^

  6. Hi Ness,

    Just had to see what you thought about tonight's show of homeMADE..The final episode, what are we going to do next week?????? I have to eat humble pie I'm afraid I thought Darren's house tonight was more liveable than Jason's...I know, I know, always loved Jason but I think I have to give credit where credit is due. Oh yes, bad manners I haven't commented on your bus rolls. Yes I think they are outstanding and showing ignorance didn't know they were called that and also didn't know that some of them sell for thousands of dollars!!!!!! Have seen a bus roll selling in a shop here on the N.W. Coast and I think you can have anything you like on it. Hope you have a good day tomorrow.

    Love Janine


  7. Ness~
    I really like the wing back chair. This would be so great in an all white room with wood floors.
    I might have to look into getting on of these~

  8. I've loved that first photo for a while - and I'm so impressed that you're able to take inspiration like that and create something of your own that looks just as good!

  9. There is a kind of contemporary feel to the bus roll. It grabs your attention when featured on a plain color wall.


  10. I LOVE these!! I love typography in everything and the black with white writing is so wonderful!!

  11. OOoOOo I totally want some roll magic! I cannot wait to see your roll, and I love your pillows!

  12. i am in love with the bath with the ball & claw tub with the bottom painted black.
    it is so sharp !

    i am getting hooked on the 'design looks' that you post.

  13. What an interesting decorating idea.

    I love the couch in the first picture.

  14. These are so fun Ness - I have never seen them before and they are quite wonderful, xv.

  15. http://geezeescanvas.blogspot.com/2009/07/destination-bus-roll-canvas-art-you-ask.html

    How fun, I just started to offer these Bus Rolls (customized) to my clients!
    I love the pillows you did...maybe we should make a bus roll site!

  16. I just love these signs...they look amazing mixed in many different styles! Your cushions look fabulous! Tracey xx

  17. A. These are a hot idea.
    B. I'm in LOVE with the wingback!

  18. Fabulous post Ness, I just love these rolls too ... My Mum has a version of her own - she unravelled an old bank calendar and we have just the long strip of numbers hanging casually in the bathroom! Searching for one myself...

  19. Ness,
    I was wondering if you ever do wholesale for your bee oat pillows or grainsack pillows? can you email me if you do @ bacon.seery@verizon.net,

    Thanks Keri from antique therapy

  20. Love love love these! Great post! I've been experimenting with making my own to hang on the wall of my apartment, just blogged an idea!


    Thanks for the inspiration!!

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