Monday, July 20, 2009

Usually I am singing the praises of floaty white spaces with neutral palettes, but I have always had a love for warm, moody dark colours with the crispest white. It is a scheme that always looks classy and goes beautifully with wicker and wood. This Catherine Martin rug is a stunning example with the wood, white and wicker.
real living magazine
From the winner of HomeMADE, Jason Sullivan, is this room I have posted about before.
pure republic
Even though this space is mostly white, the dark beams, black and white rug and dark wood tables and chairs gives the simple space a sense of class.

via the laurel hedge
This gorgeous cocoon is from a Hotel in New Zealand. Very luxurious and inviting.
Atlanta Bartlett
Not Atlanta's usual palette, but it looks so good!
via Lily G
..and my favourite of the dark & white theme is this stunner! I can't wait to get to work on covering our sofa this way and accessorizing with the new scheme I have planned. I know some may think that this space is a little on the masculine side, but I beg to differ. Add a tall glass vase with twisted willow around the inside and a single bloom and candle and maybe a beautiful patterned cushion for the sofa and voila!!...a lovely space for man and woman to inhabit.
Anyway, I think it is what you make of the space. I could so picture me on this sofa doing my nails!!
Ness xx


  1. Yes, I could picture myself doing that and also just reading a book. The sofa looks for comfy.

  2. The perfect location for doing your nails!!LOL

  3. Ness, another divine post, and as always inspiring! That's it, enough writing about New Zealand, I'm off to book another getaway now! Best wishes and have a fabulous week. Claire :-)

  4. Hi Ness,

    The last picture is my favourite!!! One day I hope to own a white slip-covered couch like that one and I agree with you the room doesn't look too day I would hope to own a telescope like the one in the picture to put in our sunroom. Ahhhh to dream .... actually I'll probably be spending the night going from room to room looking at our new vents that the guys put up for me today, sure beats looking at installation ducts (only for the last 9 months or so) so I'm on a bit of a high at the moment!!!! Doesn't take much to make me happy. Have a great day tomorrow.

    Love Janine
    N.W. Coast!

  5. With all of the wonderful white couches and love seats I am seeing the past three months I am wanting to change mine. The problem - it is only 2 years old and my dear husband thinks I need to "re-think" my wish list! Have a great week and thanks for sharing.


  6. Love them all! I love the contrast of white with dark. Jason from HOmeMade really did it so well in his rooms. I miss that show!

  7. I really adore the first is fabulous and certainly adds another dimension to an 'all white ' look. xxxx

  8. Oh I couldn't agree more. I love the color contrast!

  9. Stunning! I LOVE the contrast and love it all~ You get me everytime!

  10. Vous avez un blog très intéressant. Merci de nous le faire partager et bonne journée!

  11. Oh the first image is my nest for Tuesday!!! I agree that your fav is not truly masculine. Tailored...a better description. I'd also love a huge spray of pussy willows too.
    Funny side story. My mom took some twisted willow branches & stuck them into a pot of dirt just for a patio party & now they've all sprouted with full leaves!!!

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  13. Love the contrast of light and dark in that last picture !!

  14. Fabulous! This is one of my favorite combinations for decorating- dark brown/taupe/grey with white. Fabulous inspirations, thank you!

  15. the couch and rug in the first photo are a match made in heaven...


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