Friday, July 3, 2009

Fountains from my files...

From the depths of my ideas file I found these three beautiful fountains which all feature one of the lion heads that I have always wanted. We have actually had a lovely sunny day in Tasmania today and I was out cutting the lawn, longing to get my hands in the dirt again. This lead me to 'The File' and the following beauties...You can see the little lion in the background...I love it, especially paired with the urn, covered in moss, and to have a stone table on square pavers with a decorative grass between them would just set it all off.
It is beautiful here with these glassy green mosaics, cute white Impatient's and the stone (or concrete) surrounds.
...but here is my favourite! We wouldn't be able to replicate this at our space...because we have so much space, but I do love the idea of having such a gorgeous view from our french doors. The fountain for me is perfect and the set of 3 little tiles either side of it is just stunning. I have had this photo in my file for about 8 years, and I have just noticed the curtains! I do love the pom pom trim in neutrals.
I hope your weekend outlook is just as stunning.
Ness xx
I am sorry, I don't know where the photos are from because I have had them SO long.


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  2. Very nice! I like the curtains too! Isn't it funny seeing things for the first time..after such a long time. I think I've seen "Sleepless in Seattle" more than a dozen times...but I am usually working on projects when I "watch" it. I can look up and see something in the set decor or a different actors expression...that I had never before noticed!

    : )

    Julie M.

    ps I love the tables in the first and last pictures!

  3. Loving! I have that same outdoor stone table as in the top pic, but different chairs!! :)

  4. Lovely pictures... so fresh!!!
    Happy weekend!!!

  5. Ooo I want one. They're so pretty and I'm a Leo so I'm partial to lions.

  6. There is nothing nicer than the sound of water when sitting in the garden. Such lovely images Ness, yet again XXXX

  7. I adore the sound of fountains. It always makes me drowsy.

  8. Love these, have a great weekend.

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  10. Number one & I was done!!!!
    I love the graas tween the pavers too!! Have a relaxing Sunday with the boys, Ness.

  11. I need some fountain inspiration for home, great post x


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