Monday, July 6, 2009

What is in a dining space?

A dining space is not just somewhere to eat, it is so much more than that. In our home it is where we stop after a long day and share what we have done, the boys play with little cars and tanks and colour abstract doodles and I do paperwork and delve through magazines. Robin Stubbert
It is also another place to show your decorating prowess and this space above has so many elements to create a communal area that is welcoming, stylish and far from precious, a true family space. The chandelier sets off the whole space and gives the outdoor chairs a sense of casual class. The wicker chair and ottoman, beaded boards and neutral palette have created a zone that can meet the needs of a whole bunch of personalities and functions.beach studios
Although this space is small, it still has room to take a small group of people and has an amazing garden view out the French doors. More of a breakfast space to me, I would be happy looking over the Sunday papers here.

Atlanta Bartlett
This space I also love. Simple, casual, welcoming and calm. I love how the little print is picked up in the curtains and all of the white is anchored by the warm wooden floors.


This one, from my files, is my favourite. I love everything here, the French style table, chairs, accessories and the doors. I can picture many things happening here with a family...Sunday roasts, loads of art with the boys, happy conversations looking out the doors on a sunny day, and romantic candle light meals. Now isn't that what a dining area should be about?

Ness xx


  1. I love them all. Isn't it a shame that most of us have to choose just one look for our rooms ? Oh well. Any one of them would be perfect Ness. XXXX

  2. Dining rooms are the real heart of a home - it's great to have a spot where you can all congregate to chat, eat and let children do homework.

  3. Love the chandelier in the first picture! When do you ever see a blue chandelier like that? So pretty.

  4. I love all these spaces and would be happy reading the paper and drinking my coffee in any of them! We don't have a kitchen eating area in our house - only a dining room and a bar at the counter with stools. I miss having a table in the kitchen (or near) for breakfast. Now I eat it on the back deck (which is nice also) or sitting in the living room watching the world go by. But there is something sacred about these family breakfast spaces...

  5. Hi Ness,

    I love the blue chandelier in the first picture, it is absolutely beautiful and I agree with Melanie - where would you see that???? Imagine going into a shop and seeing that hanging down from the shop ceiling!!! Brown paper bag please, breathe, breathe. I also love the last picture it reminds me of my husband's auntie's house - nicest house I've ever been in, they have the deep set windows etc., that picture (my favourite) wins hands down and I'd be keeping it in my file too. Have a wonderful day. How could you not the sun is shining here on the N.W. coast today.

    Love Janine

  6. I agree with you Ness, the dining area is the heart of the home. I have 3 eating areas within cooee of each other as we work, eat and play in all of them. All these are just beautiful! A-M xx

  7. It's hard to understand why dining rooms are disappearing from new houses when you see beautiful rooms like these. Leigh

  8. Such pretty dining areas, Ness.
    Although I love our dining room, we don't use it nearly enough. I have thought about turning it into a library/dining space. It seems like it would be so wonderful to dine surrounded by all of the books that I love.

    Happy Monday.


  9. Lovely! That last image in particular is gorgeous, so timeless and comfortable looking.

  10. Hi Ness!
    Set me a place at any of them! Dining rooms are the heart of our homes -- where all the stories are told, food is shared, wine is poured and candles illuminate it all. That last photo, the one from your files is the most dreamy to me =)
    xo Isa

  11. *sigh*
    I just love the 2nd and 4th!

  12. The last pic seems to convey comfort and old world charm for a loving family time together. Can imagine spills, tall tales and lots of laughter at that table. Peggy

  13. Love them all & it's nice to see so many others who share the view that its no just for special occasions. The pristine rarely used rooms just kill me.
    I love the idea of you & the boys hanging out.

  14. Oh I love them all too! And you are right .. the dining area is much more than somewhere to eat. As a child we spent many hours sitting around our dining table chatting and enjoying each others company. I admit I rarely use my dining table now. Living alone you tend to eat on the run a bit. Lovely memories you have brought back for me. Thanks Julie

  15. ok, may i say again... how much i love your blog??? hope you had a great weekend.... x pam


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