Monday, August 10, 2009

According to Sproost...

design sponge
According to this test on Sproost, the following photos describe 'my style'. Since I am yet to name my style, I thought I would go and have a look to see what someone else would name it. The test didn't help though as I attempted it 3 times and each time it was different!
The first go said I was 100% Modern Elegance, which described me to a 'T'. 2nd go said 44% Rustic Revival, 44% Nantucket Style and 12% Modern Elegance. 3rd go said 43% Classic, 29% Cottage Chic and 28% Hollywood Couture...WHO KNOWS??
All I know is that from all of the findings, I picked these photos to represent some of what I love. The one above is perfect. Calming palette of neutrals, quirky artwork, classic furnishings mixed with modern pieces.

southern accents via sproost
This photo shows my love of old Architectural elements like tall sash windows and ceilings. Shutters, and a little pattern here and there.
desire to inspire vis sproost

The coastal style I love also for that 'kick off your shoes and put your feet up' feel. Casual fabrics and scrubby wood that has seen many days. I love the little hint of tailoring in the cushions...maybe that's the 'Modern Elegance' coming out!

via sproost
Ah, beaded boards on walls. Something I will always love. Symmetry, linen and sisal...anything natural speaks to me.
I think I will have to go and have another turn, just so I can see the room suggestions that come up next time!!! Sproost is a great site, kind of like Polyvore in a way, you can arrange your own rooms from 1000's of items and save them, email, twitter...whatever. If you have some time up your sleeve, have a go. It's interestingly fun and I still don't know what to name 'my style'!!!
Ness xx


  1. Just like you I tried the test several times and each time came up no closer to knowing what my style is called or if I have any style at all for that matter LOL...a little bit of fun anyway and some of images were lovely.x

  2. What ever the name, your style looks just great..

  3. Apparently my style is 50% French Eclectic and 50% Nantucket Style

  4. I tried the quiz last week, merely out of curiosity. I tried the test several times and each time came up different for me as well. My style is all over the map. My motto is " surround yourself with things you love" I don't think you can ever go wrong with that.

  5. Every time I try that quiz I get different results, but I guess this is the closest...
    38% Classic
    38% Mountain Lodge Style
    24% Traditional Country

    Love your blog :)


  6. I know, I wish I had a name for my style, but I think I actually like about 4 distinctive styles. Sometimes I call my style "pared down Traditional" or "simple traditional" or "Simple Elegant". I read about a book where you could figure out your style and apparently it was a great book by two Canadian women, but I cannot find it. It was about naming your style!

    ANyway, on this quiz, I was 33% Nantucket, 33% Cottage something and 33% French Country. And I love your style, so I guess I have a little of whatever you are!!

    Who knows?! Hard to name, but I know it when I see it!

    fun post! xo Terri

  7. Hi, again, Ness :)

    I took this quiz several months back and it's been SUPER consistent each time since. I think it's key to read the directions before you begin. The "styles" aren't really referring to the windows, wall treatments (like beadboard) or other architectural features. Try it again after reading the fine print. See if you can get something more consistent :)



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