Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Bounty...

I thought I would show you what I brought home from my trip. Not everything was bought though...these little blue and white jars my Mum gave to me. She knew I was on the hunt for Ginger jars and has been scouring all of her haunts for some. These were small enough to bring on the plane. They go so well with my bigger ones.
Love this concrete piece which I bought from Haven & Space (which I posted on yesterday). It only cost $5.95 and it weighed a tonne!
...I think they all look great together on my sideboard.

This lovely thing I found lurking in my Dads shed. There was no way I could fit it in, so when Mum and Dad visit soon, they are going to bring these. There is two of them.
This was another beauty I found in the shed. It is coming with Mum and Dad too. I think Dad is happy to be getting rid of these things from his shed!!

Some lovely fabrics in my new colour palette I bought from Ikea. The bottom fabric was given to me by my Auntie. Oh, and my Uncle is tracking down a black Bakelite phone for me from one of his many Antique contacts...yay! =0)
This beautiful old replica of a sepia botanical print on canvas was picked up at Haven & Space also and was just $14.95. Oh how I just love this store. At present it is hanging in our Guest room while I decide on its permanent position.

This little silver candlestick, which reminds me of mercury glass I bought from Ikea. I wish I had got one of each height they had, but I wouldn't have been able to get them all back. I also bought home some wrapping paper, ribbon, a lovely Orchid stem, some little blue and white vases, lantern and clothes and shoes...of course, and just think - I carried all this home in a carry on bag!
Maybe when Mum and Dad come soon I will get them to pick up the things I couldn't fit it. Now that's an idea.
Ness xx
all images - Ness Lockyer


  1. Ness, your sideboard looks a picture of prettiness! Lee :)

  2. Ness, lots of treasures - what a great trip. I especially love the botanical print.

    Leeann x

  3. Wow, you got some fantastic items! LOVE the little blue/white jars and the botanical print! :D

  4. Beautiful treasures Ness!
    I live the sepia canvas!


  5. Wonderful treasures! I love that sepia botanical print! This place...haven & space...seems so fabulous!

  6. Love the godies you brought home with you.

  7. Well done Ness, your shopping gene went into overdrive! You sound refreshed & ready for it, good to have you back.
    Millie ^_^

  8. This is great, you have the whole family helping you out with all your lovely finds. You are a really good shopper!

  9. What a finds,
    jars are so cute.

  10. All are perfect and make a beautiful tablescape together, Ness! XX

  11. Good old Mum and Dad...what would you young 'uns do without us...that's what I tell mine !!!!
    A wonderful treasure trove Ness and a successful weekends shopping XXXX

  12. Hi Ness,

    I am so jealous! I want that botanical print! It's beautiful! I love all your great finds.

    Glad you had a nice trip.


  13. Fabulous finds Ness...glad you had a great trip! Ax

  14. All gorgeous things and lovely finds. I cannot pick a favorite but I do love the botanical print so much and also like the very heavy pineapple objet you show!

    What a great haul!! xo Terri

  15. Loving the jars! I bet gathering a few new things calls for a total rearrange of the house ahahaha!! That's always what ends up happening with me!

  16. WOW you managed to bring back all kinds of wonderful things!!!

    :) T

  17. Hi Ness!

    I LOVE all you treasures, not only that but how you got them! You have got the best eyes Ness. Simply Amazing!

    ~Miss Kris~

  18. What wonderful stuff!! Was so disappointed that it wasn't on the same continent! Someday I will have to make it there when my traveling friends settle back down..down under!

  19. Call me weird, but my favorite is the concrete piece. I love the color and the shape.

  20. Hi Ness,

    I've just come from an antique show on the north coast of NSW where i saw a black Bakelite phone. and remembered reading on your blog that you were searching for one. I got the dealers details, i can email them to you if you're interested! By the way, i love your blog! :)

  21. Fabulous treasures- love them all! We share very similar taste, I love your blog!!


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