Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hanging with me....

Victoria Hagan
Hanging pictures, art work..what ever can seem a little daunting when faced with a group of loved images and the question "How do I make them look great?". Well, I don't have all the answers, but I do however have some ideas on creating an eye catching arrangement for your pictures. The ever inspiring Victorian Hagan {photo above}, always has beautiful arrangements and one thing I have learnt from her is theme is most important. Let me explain....

via Desire To Inspire
All arrangements should be based around the subject matter. Maybe you have some lovely black and white family shots, or funky art cards. Maybe like me you love black frames, whatever it might be, it should tie together your picture arrangements. Here all of the images are black and white. There is no real structure to this grouping and the easiest way to do this sort of display is do a test run on the floor and move the pictures around until you find a composition you are happy with.

If you are still not confident enough with putting hammer to wall, then this might be for you...a shelf display. Where you can put your little arrangement out in confidence, knowing that when you get fed up of your current display you can shuffle around your pictures without having to spend an afternoon patching your walls and starting again.
Apartment Therapy
I have always, how ever loved symmetry and this is the sort of hanging display that I like - odd number prints across, even rows down. The easiest way to get all of your images straight is to get some painters tape and a level. Stick the tape to the wall (using the level to keep it on track) and measure from the bottom of the frame to the hanging piece, then mark the space on your wall where the nail will go. Once you have the first one right, you can go along and mark each nail hole (you know the distance of the hanger now)....then away you go!! Oh, and try and keep your display at eye level...not near the cornice. If you are hanging over a sofa or dining table, then you can hang the grouping even lower. It will make the space more inviting. I usually put some blu tac behind the frames to keep them level (having an old wooden floored home and 2 boys running flat out makes them move around otherwise).
Having said all of this. I usually just wing it! Works for me.
Ness xx


  1. there is no doubt the "pop" of white and black (specially with photo frames) is timeless!!! gorgeous

  2. I'm kind of liking the photo ledges. I see lots of possibilities with that.

  3. I love that shelf display! I had a little trouble trying to hang photo frames not too slanted! xo

  4. I honestly just posted my recent hangings/picture shelf - black and white ancestor photos -

  5. I usually just wing it too, sometimes it works out, but sometimes it doesn't...thanks for the tips!

    :) T

  6. Ness,
    Great tips! My favorite is the ledge! I lovve the groupings, can be such a personal way to decorate.

  7. Nice story as for me. It would be great to read more about this theme. Thanx for posting that information.
    Joan Stepsen
    Cool geeks


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