Wednesday, August 5, 2009

It's back & I am into it...

...the mojo I am talking about! I have a mountain of projects I have to get done and I thought I would share my project list with you. I have to....
1. Get most of the details for the Spring Wedding I am styling sorted and underway (I can't wait to show you all this one, it's going to be beautiful!)
2. Re-stock the store now that my clay has finally arrived.
I am about to do my Christmas range of tags which do well and also make some more of these new tags (above) as a regular line....
I made these covers recently for a custom order, and I love them so much that I am thinking of making these a regular product also...what do you think? They are a longer, squat pillow, like a breakfast pillow. I think they are lovely.
3. Decide on the permanent art work for this wall in our living room. This one I whipped up in an hour out of left over house paint from the front door...which leads me to...
4. Have these sofas in our living room covered.
The plan is for white denim (which I am finding really hard to find). I have spotted a very light linen coloured denim, which has a lovely 'grain' to it...I am deciding what way to go. I think this canvas needs a plain colour under it to work. The pattern on the sofa at the moment worked 6 years ago when we bought it...not now!
5. Paint our kitchen cupboards...inside and out.
I would love to do the inside a really soft teal colour, so when you open the white doors you will get a little hint of colour as all our crockery is white...and the shelves are to.
The back of the cupboards are a beaded wood finish, so I think it would work well.
Anyway...better get started.
Oh, I promise to do a post with all the little details, colour names etc from yesterdays post soon.
Thanks for all your lovely comments and emails.
Ness xx


  1. You make me want to get going just reading your list Ness....Gorgeous china and the teal sounds like a great idea - our inside cupboards are a putty/greyish colour and they work beautifully against the china. xv

  2. Painting the inside of the cupboards never occurred to me, but now I am so on board!

    And those clay LOVE tags are so pretty!

  3. You are one busy woman Ness! Love all your ideas though - the tags are fabulous! Tracey xx

  4. How pretty teal would be inside your cupboard. Look forward to hearing about the wedding

  5. You certainly have your work cut out for you! I love your clay tags and one of these days hope to order some. I think your paint idea for your cupboards will work wonderfully.

  6. You sound so wonderfully inspired...and organized!!

  7. It's wonderful to be inspired and full of ideas. I will follow your progress, for sure.

  8. It sounds like a productive day.....and you are reminding me of my own list-yikes!

  9. i love your taste in everything and enjoy your blog so much!! have you looked into "painters drop cloths" for the fabric for the slipcovers? don't know if they would be "white" enough, but you get lots of fabric for little money.

  10. Glad you got your mojo back! I love the sound of painting the inside of the cabinets!

    When I was considering slip covers for my sofas, an upholsterer recommended a fabric by Mokum, that is good heavy upholstery fabric, that can be machine washed, and comes in a lovely white. I am not sure of the exact name of it, but he highly recommended it. I'm sure if you contacted Mokum Textiles they could let you know more details! Hope this helps!

  11. great post, love the white dishes,,,Gina and I are asking our old friends to re join our blog, we had problems with our old blog and started a new one.
    please ck it out
    thanks as always

    rose and thistle kg blogspot....

  12. I see your Emma Bridgewater dishes but who makes the others??? Those I'd love to add to my Emmaware!!!
    Ypu have a lot of balls in the air Ness. Good luck but really, you don;t need it.
    Painting in an hour. I can do that, oh wait do ahndprints count???

  13. Alicia,
    The others are from a shop in NSW called Haven & Space. I am about to head there in a few weeks and I PROMISE to do a post on it.
    The little cuppacino set was a Wedding gift from our groomsmen and his Wife.
    Ness xx

    ...yep, handprints count!

  14. I thought I left a comment... so hope this isn't a ditto.

    In any case - I will work on "my homework" :-)

    Also, I have a giveaway going on right now - no homework needed. I will ship worldwide - only fair for my Aussie readers.


  15. i had slipcovers made for my sofa and loveseat! i used white duck cloth! it is similar to the denim! i love them! i have two small children! the fabric is very sturdy and i just wash and most of the time bleach them! they are perfect! and the best part of all is i got the fabric at walmart for something like $4 a yard! yahoo! hope this helps! cant wait to see!

    ps. i would love for you to stop by my new blog!


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