Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loving Light
I love this space. Sorry for the image quality! It really has that fresh, bright feel of a Scandinavian home, or even an Ikea catalogue shoot. Whatever it is, I am into it. Maybe it is the white sofa, linen coloured roman blinds and little hits of black??
My quest to cover our own well worn sofa is still underway. I searched for hours yesterday to find the right material for two small boys to be mates with...still deciding. I did however find a very nice neutral shade of denim that I am off to get a swatch of and while the boys and I are in Sydney next week, I will be looking at Ikea...maybe they can save me some time sewing!
Ness xx


  1. oh I love it too! fresh and calm. gorgeous! xo

  2. That's a gorgeous space! Good luck on your fabric search - it's so difficult finding one that is boy proof and still beautiful. Someone needs to make a line just for that purpose!
    xo Isa

  3. I agree. It is very crisp with an unclutter feel, though it has lots of decorative items.

    I'm with you on the fabrics. I have 2 boys with a messy girl in the middle, plus three dogs. There is no fabric for all these.
    xxx kim

  4. This room has a great the natural elements. BTW, congrats on your clay tags!

  5. I love browsing thru your posts.. Always so many inspiration..

  6. That house was in Cottage Living a couple years ago and I LOVED every single room. Just beautiful!

  7. Hi, Ness :) I've been enjoying reading some of your posts recently - ashamed to say, though, that I think this might be my first comment :] I love your rooms and share a similar aesthetic (although you'd never know it since we're still in the rip down, replace, and paint stage).

    Have you ever heard of Bemz slipcovers? They're made to fit the IKEA furniture and their prices are very reasonable. - also, you can order up to 5 swatches free of charge.

    Hope it helps! We have a number of small children, so I'm interested in what you end up deciding!


  8. I got to the point I just did whatever I liked(sofa fabric)and let my son just wear them out. I looked at it as a sign of a well-lived life. Good luck with your fabric search....but remember they will remember jumping and laying around on the sofa more than they will remember the fabric you had. Years from now of course and I was a bit permissive, but he turned out great.

  9. The home is in Los Angeles, thus the great light.

    I've had white, (well off-white) denim slips for years.

    They last through kids, pups, and the occasional cocktail party!


  10. What a beautiful sunny room, Ness.
    Sorry for my absence. Leila and I caught a bug and have been down all week.
    I had to pop by to see what your are up to.
    Love your latest creations!
    I'm sure your clay tags are a wonderful addition to Tuliptree and Saga.



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