Thursday, August 6, 2009

Statement Pieces - Old Shop Fittings

A statement piece is something that should not be hunted for, in my opinion, because you will never find what you want. It is only when you happen to be in the little country old wares that such pieces will find you...and that's just it - they find you!!
I have found many wonderful, and cheap, pieces this way. The following beautiful pieces make statements for all sorts of reasons.
inside out
This gorgeous old ex shop fitting, which is in the current Inside Out magazine, is something on the top of my 'statement piece' list. This owner travels a lot as the make up master for YSL, and doing so has been extremely fortunate to have found 2 in the best condition!!!
We have an old Ambulance cabinet in our hallway that is as close to this beauty as I have ever found...and no where near as whimsical as this.

home beautiful
This one is so quirky and looks brilliant against these crisp white walls alongside the red chairs and stools. I don't think we will look at the shop fittings of our era with the same love...all plastic and minimal.
Cupboards like these can do well in any room. It goes with out saying that the first place you would think to put them would be the kitchen and/or dining, but I think it would do just as well in a bedroom, office, porch or kids room.
pottery barn
Forever I have loved the apothecary drawers. Although this one is new, it still has the aged appearance of something from the old corner store...
marie claire
...but you can't beat the real thing. Especially if they have original handles etc. My Dad has a beautiful set of sage green ones in his woodworking shed. Every time I am there I shudder that it is holding nuts, bolts, sandpaper and the like instead of MY silk ribbons, twine, stamps and thread. He has promised to bring them down to me next time they visit...can't wait.
via Reece & Marie
How could you not ask the owner where they have scored such a piece from and what it was originally used for? The applications of old shop fittings are old cupboard can become a entertainment unit without too much fuss.

via Brooke Giannetti
Now, I don't know if this stunning piece actually came from an old shop, but I would love to imagine that it was in some stunning Ateliers store with stunning old lace Wedding and evening gowns hanging from the doors. In the drawers would be feathers, jewels, crystal etc and through the stunning reflection a Fairytale Princess would be made...that's my take anyway!
So, next time you think I would love an old shop cupboard to put over there, don't because it will have to find you. Happy hunting!
Ness xx


  1. The ice cream piece is a true classic! And your 'take' on the final piece...well, I'm sold! I love anything with a fairytale ending!

  2. Funny that you would mention your having one in the shed, my grandfather also had several of these small type cabinets full of odds and end in his garage. Not sure what happened to them...

  3. I wait patiently for all manner of shop fittings, vintage signage and the perfect tailors dummy to find me....! Beautiful examples here.
    Clare x

  4. Fabulous pieces! I too, love all the little drawers...My brother in law has two stacks of old flat drawers in his garage that I have been coveting....sigh!

  5. You are so right...statements pieces have to find you, not the other way around!

  6. Just found you via Tim Irving. So bummed I missed out on the drawing, but happy to have found your beautiful website. I love all the white and all the French (along with a gazillion other people, I know).

  7. Beautiful! I love the cabinet with all the lettering. I wonder if you could create your own using stencils or decal letters??

  8. Beautiful mirror cabinet, simply divine. Great blog. Cavania London

  9. Aren't all these cabinets fabulous?! They make a room!! I espcially love the mirrored one!

  10. I am dying over the piece in the first photo ! You are so right about how things this special find you. Love your blog ! Lisa

  11. They all look so elegant! Thanks for sharing!

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