Monday, August 17, 2009

Texture is King!

Today I am loving the furniture in this beautiful home. Everything in this home is so wonderfully textural and warming. In this photo I love the little tufted parts of the linen chair with their frayed edges and the burlap cover with its little ruffle.
This bedroom doesn't have too many textures, but still holds the warm vanilla palette beautifully. I imagine out the window is a lush green courtyard to wake to.

Quintessentially Cottage! Skirted linen sink and beaded boards always say welcome to me, especially out here in the country. The tap ware is just like what I want for our bathroom reno.
How cute is the little glass lamp base? I wonder if it was re-purposed from a glass bathroom set.
More texture. Sisal matting, waffle weave pleated cover and flaky cream paint...just lovely. The faded botanical print fabric works so well as accents.
The room as a whole is beautiful. I adore the weathered stone on the walls. What a gorgeous base for starting a room scheme. Seeing the room together just proves that texture is King!
Ness xx
all images - Country Living


  1. All of it , lovely Ness...I just commented on another blog that I don't like seeing all of these wonderful pictures as it makes me want to redecorate all the time !!!

  2. How bizare, I was only reflecting through this issue of Country Living yesterday and here are the pictures on your blog today. The first chair that is pictured can you believe is one of the very few in this ladies home that she has not had a slipcover made. Apparently this chair was her grandmothers and she does not want to cover up all the detail in the upholstery. Such beautiful slipcovers make you just want to curl up in all these chairs. Sandy


    that house you featured is lauren ross - in Austin - i just wrote two stories on her = one on her house in Houston and another on her austin house - thought you might enjoy these!

  4. My compliments for your beautiful blog!
    Michela from Tuscany, Italy

  5. that bedroom is so exquisitely warm! lovely!

  6. Along with the beauty, it looks so comfortable!

  7. I love the bathroom skirt. Love the total use of neutrals. Just the colors I want to do my main bathroom in.

  8. I love anything linen! love these photos and my next house is going to have this dreamy, neutral palette. Did you notice I didn't say linen would be fabulous (darker)-lol!

  9. It almost makes me want a country cottage. Sigh

  10. Oh, that linen chair in the first pic is divine! If only it could be mine. Lee :)

  11. Those weathered stone walls are phenomenal! Absolutely love this palette!

  12. Great Post! You feature my friend Lauren Ross's home in one of your photos - she's amazing! I have a post on my blog with lots of photos of her home.

    I'm so glad to have found your blog!


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