Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Beach House Kitchen/Dining

The Dream House (from my files)
Regular readers will know this is my dream kitchen...I am not going to say that I will use all elements from this kitchen as it would be in my normal house -but I will take the banks of doors, painted beams and expanse of white thanks! of course the walls will be beaded.
Eric Roth Photography
Beaded walls like this, but all the way up. I am liking the check roman shades for the beach house too....and a Mora clock would just be heaven!

Coastal living
Easy going dining chairs that could be pulled up outside as well as used inside would be a great option....ah and there are the doors and drapes and limed floors.

Christopher Peacock Kitchens
Limed ceilings would be perfect - as would this kitchen! Baskets, stainless, scrubby wood and white. If I could take the main elements from the first kitchen and put them in here I would be done. Really I am not being too fussy here am I?
I will wrap up my dream beach house tomorrow with the rest of the might be getting bored!
Ness xx


  1. Love the kitchens and I adore this series on beach houses as it gives me a chance to dream about a house by the sea....

    L x

  2. "Getting Bored"...I don't think so! Be still my beating heart. There are so many elements in each of those kitchens that I would kill to have (figuratively speaking of course,lol).
    Can't wait to see the rest....

  3. Ness,
    I think we have been dreaming about the same rooms!! What stunning pictures. I can't wait to see the the finished kitchen! Lovely!

  4. Are you crazy? You are SAVING me from boredom! I am loving all of it and getting heaps of great ideas, and a lot of stuff for my 'dream house' too. Cheers!

  5. The “coastal living” photo really attracts my attention. It’s gorgeous and the French doors are just fabulous.

  6. I’ve always dream of living in a beach house. These images simply fascinate me.

  7. I will never get bored of white, lovely interiors! I love that white kitchen isle on the first pic. with those baskets! gorgeous! xo

  8. mmmm... lovely :) The last pic is my favorite. It feels so much more "real" and liveable, yet still stylish and gorgeous to just sit and look at. Just a teensy bit too cottage/country for me, but swapping out just a *very* few items would make it more eclectic. These kitchens would be GREAT base kitchens for lots of styles, I think :) Thanks so much for the pretty pics!


  9. i am 100% in agreement with that kitchen... simply luxurious... have a great day... x pam

  10. Love all the posts on the beach house - now that summer is over here in the States, we can only dream for next year! Beautiful blog and images!

  11. are we related? Because I believe we share the same dreams about whats amazing. I know I can always find inspiration here at your delightful blog... Keep it up! Blessings to

  12. Fabulous, fabulous kitchens, Ness although the first one I could fit my house into !!!!! Well, not quite, but it is HUGE !!!! They are all so light, homely and inviting. I could certainly eat my breakfast in any one of them. XXXX

  13. I am in love with swedish styled kitchens! The bench and the Mora clock are gorgeous!


  14. Far from bored...keep it coming enjoying your blog as I am new to this blogging world. Oh to dream!


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