Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The bird in me...

Debbie Floral - Calico Corners
I have always had an obsession with beautiful fabric and this one above is no exception. It has been saved in my fabric file for quite a while now. I just haven't found the right project for it yet.
For the last year or so, I have really enjoyed the amount of bird inspired fabrics that have come on to the scene...they have been everywhere and I am loving it! Birds and things with birds keep popping up in my life...I will show you...Mulberry Muse
These postcards, which have been made to look like an old French letter, are gorgeous...and not so much for the beautiful script writing or the sepia tones of the paper...but for that Peacock!!! There are some at The Gorge (an awesome swimming, dining and recreational spot in Launceston) that I would love to take home. They just wander around and amaze me every time I see them. Declan, our 5 year old, split his knee open when he was two trying to 'catch' one...he still bears the scar!

LYoung Studio
This lovely art work with its blazing red Cardinal has also been in my wish list file for some time now. The whole range of prints for that matter!!

Marley & Lockyer
How could I not do birds on my own cushion covers?!
A silhouette of this one is also above our French doors in the living room in black.

Ness Lockyer
This canvas of mine, which is based on the Sid Dickens tiles sits wonderfully with 3 others above our kitchen bench. It is my favourite thing to look at...besides the real birds outside the window...while I am waiting for the kettle to boil.
Black & Spiro
Back to fabric...this beautiful piece was hanging in the window of Black & Spiro and I love it. The Cockatoos remind me of the Australian Galah (called Ozzie) we had since he was a little chick with no feathers (I was about 4), until he passed away from old age(when I was 25). He was the only Australian bird I know that had a Scottish accent like my Parents...and he was my best friend as a child.
See what I mean...they are everywhere. As much as I love them, I will never cage a bird again. They deserve to be free!
Ness xx


  1. I love your bird pillow and all things birds. I have even made a little ole bird pillow - last year. It sits in my chair in the bedroom. I like painting fabric and painted a bird- not that I do it much.

    If you want to see the pillow go here.

    Wonderful post.

  2. So much beautiful fabric.
    When we were in Tassie this time last year we went to The Gorge and saw the beautiful peacocks.

  3. I, too, can relate to your love of all things "bird", in home decor. Your pillow is SCRUMPTIOUS! And don't even get me started on the wallpaper- YUM!


  4. Those peacock cards are beautiful!


  5. Lovely things, Ness! Thanks so much for checking out my light :) Your comment was very sweet.

    I really like that first fabric. The Calico Corners near me is having a sale w/ coupon event right now. I wonder if that fabric would be included. Probably not ;) What would you think of it as a tablecloth? I like the look of a sleek wood farm table, but deep down I like fabric too much to skip the tablecloth!


  6. Oh, any my table has benches instead of chairs on two sides. I've been thinking of slipping the benches w/ burlap. It seems like burlap would look great with the peacock fabric. No?

  7. what is it about birds in design?? I am so drawn to them as well. This past May i went to a bird-themed wedding and thought it was such a good idea. All of your images are beautiful!

  8. so many gorgeous birdies!! i've got the bird-bug too and just can't help myself when I see a birdie figurine!!


  9. My faves are the peacock postcard,and your canvas of theSid Dickens tile. We have so many birds around our house as we live next to botanic gardens, and they are truly lovely.

  10. Hi Ness,
    I thought it was just me with the bird addiction. I have a penchant for little white ceramic ones and I think they are breeding. I would love to find a large white peacock to drape over a console too. BTW I cant thank you enough for the link to my page I am still smiling xxLyn

  11. I have a guilty bird obsession, too!! I have bird everything all over the house.

  12. I too love birds! They are so elegant and beautiful... As always your Blog looks gorgeous!
    If you get a chance stop by my Blog and say hi! I just put up a new post...
    Have a great day,

  13. I'm having a bird obsession too, it must be contagious! Love the cockatoo fabric do you know the designer?
    Lynette :)

  14. G'day there Ness, love all your bird pics and the fabric is awesum.. Just started my blog today but not sure how to follow you?? I hit follow but then I dont know what to do after that. I'll figure it out. Love all your photo's. Not doubt ill chat to you some time soon
    Bird/ Emma at Life as a bird (Vintage Rose)

  15. Of course I am a huge bird lover as well.
    I really want to do bird wallpaper panels in my dining room. I just can't decide which one!
    Love that peacock and your pillow, of course!


  16. Hope you feel better soon Ness. The pics are gorgeous - I love the sentiment behind "Choose Joy"! Enjoy your weekend. x Caroline

  17. Such a beautiful post... just what I needed after a hard day at work today! Your blog is so beautiful, I've only just discovered it - a treasure!


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