Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lovin the light!

Felicitas Oefelein
Lighting for a room has always amazed me, how it can transform a room from bright, light, industrial overheads to warm low side lamps that make a room friendly and cocoon-like. The choices are endless. However, I am into this huge bowl shaped light which has been hung low over the coffee table. I imagine it looks wonderful lit and the fact it is not in a huge stairwell, or over a dining table (where you would expect to see it) impresses me even more. At least it would be easy to reach and dust!!! Anna Spiro's home via Content Agency
This pretty and unashamedly feminine one is from Anna Spiro's home. The flowers and pom-pom trim on the little shades is such a sweet pairing.
From my Dream Home file - unknown source
The Chandelier has always been a favourite of mine. Although, dare I say it, I have seen them everywhere lately and I think I am starting to tire of them a little. Maybe that's why I am into the first picture so much - its just different!
ZK Interiors
These ball shaped lights with clusters of Edison -type globes are starting to be seen more and more in Contemporary spaces...I think they work so well. There are some similar to this at our Airport here in Launceston, not as big - but effective.
We haven't made any huge purchases in lighting our own home yet. I have always wanted some shop stopper fitting...but I love the warmth of lamps and candles!
What is you favourite type of lighting???
Ness xx


  1. fav lighting, def for the room overall, downlights. But more specifically, pendant lights, ideally a pretty chandelier!

  2. What beautiful photos. I love chandeliers, lamps and candles.

  3. These are beautiful photos. I have been looking for a very small chandelier to put above my dining table. But I too have seen them so much lately that I am will think a little more on it...

    My fav are lamps, then candles.

  4. okay, so we have the same "dream room" :) in process of remodeling our basement and that "dream room" is inspiration! I hope you don't mind if I add it to my blog under "inspiration".. LOVE IT! We started painting last night and found this perfect pearly white/gray paint with granite in it.. mad love.. now in search of tile. long comment~ anyway.. love your blog Have a Fab Day!!

  5. Hi, Ness :) I just posted about my first lighting purchase for this house. It's a chandelier with a little bit of a twist - still traditional, but updated. Hope you like it!


  6. These rooms are so beautifully light. I live in a Victorian house and some of the rooms can be quite dark. One of the not so nice things about living in a Victorian home......so.....I'm always very envious of rooms like these. All I can do is paint those rooms white and get them as light as possible. These images are gorgeous and don't have the trouble that I have !!!! XXXX

  7. Hi Ness,

    Great pictures of different lighting you have for us today!!! I feel as you do with chanderliers being used everywhere, I would love to change the dining and lounge room lights, 'cause we picked them out when we first married and I think tastes change and we're in the process of changing the carpet and paint and getting rid of the heavy green velvet drapes out of these two rooms - will have to wait and see! My favourite lighting is definately lamps, I could say candles but once I get them home and they look so good I hate to light them!!!!! Not good, defeats the purpose a bit, don't you think??? Have a great day.

    N.W. Coast

  8. Hi Ness,
    love the chairs in the last image..they look like martini glasses! I LOVE your blog especially liked your beachhouse special! x Lyn (linihome )

  9. It is all a little tricky isn't it? I love chandeliers and the really pretty types of lighting, but it seems that everywhere I go they are there...even in wc's!!!

    I think I am going to just go with what I love when I see it...then it will work.
    Ness xx

  10. I think lighting is the one thing that can make or break a room.I have seen fabulous rooms ruined because of far too much or too little, or positioned wrongly. What is the use of a chandelier over a dining table, if it is so bright it ruins the chance of an intimate dinner for two?

  11. Ness,

    I love lighting! If I enter a home I always look at the lighting that people use! It's so important to use the right lighting !



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