Wednesday, September 2, 2009 & white anything!

via porchlight interiors
Anything to do with a blue and white scheme has me captivated. The colour combo is so fresh and seeing that we here in Australia have just started Spring, I thought some blue and white fancy was in order. This first image above shows how well these two work together to create a fresh interior, especially when teamed with wicker and dark faves!

hound hill design
Which brings me to other blue and white items I love to feature in a room...especially the Ginger Jar!! I am more taken with the patterning like the ones above over the Chinese images you can find quite easily. I think this is why I am having such a hard time tracking them down for my collection.
ralph lauren home
Then I spotted this! This gorgeous fabric by the master of blue and white, Ralph Lauren I recently spotted on Anna Spiro's website in her Portfolio on a chair and some cushions she had done. It is the perfect scale (much larger than this shows) and the perfect patterning to remind me of the Ginger Jars I so love. This is the fabric I want to put on the cushions on our sofa against the ticking I showed yesterday.

anne harwell
In the meantime, while I search for more jars, I have just purchased this beautiful print from uber talented artist and blogger Anne Harwell of Annechovie. I can't wait for its arrival.
So, I went on a hunt for prints of blue and white items and found this little print...not quite me, but it is just so sweet. I am sorry I can't remember who the artist was.

room service
As much as I love Ginger jars, I am really not fussy as to what it is, like these little china balls and pots...

victoria hagen interiors
....and I can settle for plates...and Hydrangeas! I just have this long obsession with this combo as much as the white obsession I have. My wish though is to have a collection like...
anna spiro
How can you not admire a grouping like that?
Ness xx


  1. Hi,

    I share your love to everything what is blue and white. My love to this color reavealed itself when I first saw blue onion pattern. Somehow unconsciously I have always loved it.
    I will be happy to see some more blue and white on your blog. Good luck with your collection :)

  2. Ness, I could not agree with you more! Although I do love my pink blue and white will forever be my favourite colour combo. Blue and White is a part of my soul. My Nanna's home was filled with B&W, my mum's home is filled with B&W and so is my own. Great post!

    *sneaks in a virtual hug*

    Anna :)

  3. Oh Ness,that print is wonderful! I have never found such one!


  4. Oh! I just love the blue colored themed interior design. It’s very formal to look. and the antiques vases are looking dashing on the room.

  5. The blue room is looking fabulous! Very neat and very blue, I just love it.

  6. i am obsessed with blue & white too..have been for about 10 years now and have never tired of it. great pics!

  7. so beautiful!!! love the last grouping by anna!!!

    also i'm so sorry i still haven't taken pics with yh=our beautiful pillows yet- i'm loving them it's just been an insane smmer so as soon as i'm finished, i'll post & email you!!

  8. Blue and white is my favorite combination! I am always drawn to those colors and I love the images you have. My favorite is the one with the striped rug with the aerial shot.

  9. Blue and white are so timeless, I love those colours together, and recently have been adding a bit of greay and black too. Have been enjoying your blog, thanks for sharing.

  10. Gorgeous blue and white inspiration. Thanks for sharing!


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