Thursday, September 10, 2009

The New Botanics...

Are these the new Botanics? Recently I have been on the hunt for some Botanical prints with something a little different to the normal parchment type paper backing and real pressed plant specimen. Don't get me wrong, I think the originals are gorgeous - I just love to take it a step further. The next few images are all fine art images with some of my favourite flowers in them....The 'new' Botanical prints.
This one above would have to be my favourite. Not only is it my favourite flower - its also my favourite coloured one. Mia Tarney is a master at taking a plant and putting it onto canvas so it looks life like. My sort of art.
This is a photograph which has some gorgeous detailing to it. The series all feature a Butterfly resting on a beautiful flower head. They are just superb!
Kelly Higgs - Grey Heron
This one (sorry it is so small, don't know what happened here) looks to me like an old Botanical...with a twist! I love the fact that the Artist has added beautiful birds to the pots to create an extra dimension to the botanical aspect of the piece. These would look great clustered together on a beaded white wall.
Trisha De Borchgrave - Lavender II
Looks like the real thing..but painted! And not the usual front and centre placement of most botanical prints.
Sophie Coryndon - Tulips
I really like this one as much as the first and it reminds me of the beautiful Tulips my friend gave me a little while ago. This is what they looked like when they started to really open up. Isn't it amazing what nature can produce. She hasn't come up with a shonky colour combo yet!
So, what do you think...'New Botanics' or will we stick with calling them floral paintings?
You can see some more gorgeous art work here.
Ness xx
The reasoning behind this floral inspired post...the sun is actually shining after 36 days of rain!!!


  1. Spring does that to us!
    Send the rain to Melbourne - we'll have it!

  2. Hi Ness,

    Yes, today has been beautiful. I have had the windows open here at home and am catching up on copious amounts of washing. The kids and I sat outside on the picnic rug and had lunch today - it was great, not a cloud in the sky! I love the first picture - love hydrangeas, can't go wrong with them. Do you think we would tempt fate here and have 2 days in a row of sunshine??? We shall see!! Have a great day tomorrow.

    Take care

    N.W. Coast

  3. They're beautiful! I'm looking for something inspired by the Kips Bay designer show house by Bunny Williams (she had two stunning HUGE turquoise botanical paintings). Seen anything like them?

  4. The first one is my favourite but they are all pretty lovely. I sometimes think that paintings of flowers can look a bit naff... but these are lovely. XXXX

  5. I love the first and last photos. Hope you get some more sunshine. here in Melbourne we are going to have a couple of fine days 23 then 25 degrees on Saturday.
    Yay for Spring

  6. the tulips are too wild!
    i love them.

    i have missed your blog....(started a new job)


  7. Wow... love the first one.. I thought it was a photo until I read that the artist put it on canvas. Amazing talent!

  8. Nice floral paintings!
    I love the first one!


  9. I love the original style of botanical prints, but that first picture is amazing! White hydrangeas are my favorite! I have a picture on my blog that I took of the ones in my garden. I just love floral pictures!

    Enjoy your day!

  10. The picture with the butterfly is my favorite. I also love the lavender off center!

  11. I especially love the first white spider mum with butterfly....I emailed them thinking it was a photo and received an email back. WOW! unbelievable price! I won't be hanging it in my new bath....HAHA!

  12. I love botanicals, new or old, but I am drawn most to historical, specimen-looking works. But these are gorgeous. Some lovely examples of NEW botanicals.

    xo TErri

  13. I just love botanical prints, especially the hydrangeas, sorry I haven't stopped by lately, cant wait to catch up on all of your gorgeous posts xx


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