Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Part 2 of My Beach House- Living Areas

from my files
Welcome to my 'Beach House'. Yesterday I took you through what would make up the entry hall, today I am showing you through the living areas. This image above is from the file marked "My Dream Home"...I don't see why it can't be my dream Beach House either.
Banks of doors (Ala Somethings Gotta Give), loads of squishy white slip covered sofas, iron stone on display, white Hydrangeas in huge glazed pots and loads of wicker and worn wood...ah!
House Beautiful
The walls would be beaded, and white to show of the vintage botanical prints which would hang in a group of 6 above the fireplace. There would have to be a silver industrial lamp somewhere too and definitely a sisal rug on limed floors.
Marley & Lockyer
Of course there would be some of my own grain sack pillows mixed with blue and white fabrics on the other ones to sink into while on the sofa.
Country Home
The ticking on these chairs here would be a perfect little accent on box cushions on the floor in a huge informal pile so the children could lay all over while they make beach collages! Wicker blinds are a must...and I am in love with the pitch forks!!
NZ House & Garden
...you know there would be LOADS of blue and white pieces about filled with fresh flowers too.
Skona Hem
As much as I love a traditional fire...I am keen on something unusual like this...in a huge convict sandstone mantel.

Coastal Living
A few oars on the wall, although probably done to death, I think would go great in our beach house. Not the new reproduction kind, but some old, worn scrubby looking ones with old flaky red paint peeking through...and an old racing number!

from Brooke Giannetti
This would be the perfect drapery for our living areas - long, full and light.

Restoration Hardware
On shelves would be linen covered books alongside others, removed from there colourful sleeves to show the subdued colours of their binding...all held up with some sort of tremendous corbel or Architectural piece as a bookend.
Victoria Hagen
A telescope to watch the yachts out on the sea and a big, beautiful Wing back chair to curl up in beside the fire on a chilly night would cap it all off.
Ness xx
Tomorrow I hope you will join me for a tour of the Kitchen =0)


  1. As I said yesterday, it will be a dream beach house! I like your style!


  2. I absolutely love the living areas in 'your'beach cottage....I think the word perfection springs to mind. XXXX

  3. If I lived in any of the homes pictured on this post, every time I walked past a sofa I would have to sit a while just to enjoy the ambience. It would be an emotional experience every time!
    BTW, I love peonies too. We grew them back in NZ where it was cooler but it's way too hot up here on the Gold Coast:-(
    Am enjoying following your blog.

  4. So many gorgeous Living rooms.
    Thanks for sharing them with us

  5. You have a way with words...I absolutely love the pics you've gathered. The reference to "Somethings gotta give" Is that not the perfect house or what! I will sometimes put the dvd in just to look at the living,dining and bedrooms! I'm just starting a small makeover in my little cottage and this is my direction...thank you for the pictures.They help me stay focused! Blessings..dj

  6. I have quite a few of these saved on my computer, they are so amazing. I would love to have that kind of natural light in my house!

  7. the first living room is sooo gorgeous! I love the white hydrangeas flowerpot. I was wondering... do they grow well indoors? xo

  8. Yum! Gorgeous beach home. I would be hard put to walk out to the beach from this house, though. This is cozy at it's best.

  9. ab fab - just love it's styling, and that fire place - wow!

  10. Couldn't you just curl up and listen to the waves.
    Now all you need is a magic wand...

  11. You just gave me a great idea, I have yards of natural linen which will look gorgeous covering some books. Your beach house is a lovely dream......but bet it will be in your future.

  12. I love your beach house style! What a cozy place! And I absolutely love your grain sack pillows!


  13. The ambiance of this beach house is soothing and I love the earth tone colors, makes the entire room warm and cozy.

  14. Your blog id full of such beautiful things, It keeps me coming back for more interesting topics and interior design to look at. I really love this blog, it’s very inspirational.

  15. I love the oars, no matter what! Have two antique ones leaning in a corner in my house.

  16. I love that fireplace too!



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