Thursday, September 24, 2009

Scrubby Cupboards...

Pale & Interesting
Old cupboards and wardrobes are something I always love to include in rooms, especially our own house with it's 11 foot ceilings. The scrubbier and well beat up ones are perfect pieces in my opinion and this one is lovely, adding tonal interest to this creamy room.

Country Homes & Interiors
I also adore the industrial type with big glass front for displaying stock, and in this case crockery and glassware. The fact it is in a weathered grey and worn paint just makes it more appealing to me.

Country Homes
Ones with doors are great for linen, like here, or in the kitchen as a makeshift least if it is not as orderly as the one above, you can shut the doors!!

via Mimi Charmante
This one actually has a little angled side part to it. What an awesome find if you had dead space to fill under some stairs, or an attic space.
Tomorrow our littlest boy is off to Pre School for 3 hours and while he is gone I plan to re-organise our own old cupboard which was originally used as a Medical cabinet at an Ambulance station. When I am done I will show you photos.
I hope you all have a wonderful day,
Ness xx


  1. I am a huge fan of grey wood contrasting against fresh white walls so the 2nd pic really appeals to me.
    I'm enjoying following your blg by the way, most inspirational.

  2. Hi Ness,

    I'm in full agreement, a cupboard in every room, like the ones in your pictures, they can just add that extra something. Can't wait 'till tomorrow!!!
    Have a great day.

    N.W. Coast

  3. The scrubby cupboards are perfect Ness, xv.

  4. I think if I were to do another kitchen I would put several old cabinets in there instead of the usual kitchen cabinetry. They have so much more character. Your selections are perfection!


  5. I'm a sucker for cupboards. love the 2nd one, with glass front! xo

  6. thanks vanessa because this is the feel I'm looking to do in my new home, in my IT study nook, which is very close to a large "dark" black/brown provincial dresser, and I wanted an inspiration for my IT Nook, which I wanted to be more personal and less masculine - these pics are great inspiration for me! keep em coming... lol

  7. I love love love the color of the piece in the first picture. I'm about to repaint a couple dressers and I'm going back on forth on light colors. I wish someone would magically mail me the exact paint swatch to that one!

  8. These are right up my street...I love distressed cupboards, one of my favourite things...gorgeous, Ness, all of them !! XXXX

  9. LUV the cupboard in your cream room! Just yummy & yes, cupboards are something that can add to a room:) Rooms look great!

  10. I did a post the other day about a cabinet that was bought out form under me. Love the photos, especailly the last one and can't wait to see yours!


  11. What lovely cupboards...scrubby and all :) Rose

  12. Be still my heart, that gorgeous gray armoire in the first pic is all of them!!!

    :) T

  13. I love everything about those cupboards Ness! If only I had the room in my tiny house to have one in each room.
    Great post.

  14. Cabinets in a house are always great! One with books, another with decorative items or a cupboard!
    In each room one of these is wonderful!
    Looking forward to see yours!


  15. They are just great to look at, and sooooo useful for storing stuff. Love the grey/white colours too.

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