Thursday, September 3, 2009

Spring Reminders

Gorgeous Hydrangeas to cheer up this drab Spring day here in Tassie. The rain has been relentless and some colour was in order.

Lately I have been filling the house with flowers and greenery and this image reminds me of the beautiful pink Cherry blossom branches I had in the kitchen a few days ago.
Ness Lockyer
...and these Magnolia branches that are on our dining room table.
bountiful home
I just can't wait to be able to take it all outside with us into the warm Spring air.
Ness xx


  1. Very pretty, espy your dining room photo.!!!! : )

  2. Spring in Tassie is always a bit wet (and windy) isn't it? Your hydrangeas look bright and cheerful - they're a great way to inject some colour into a room!

  3. What beautiful Spring Images

  4. Spring is my favorite time of the year! So fresh and new!

  5. The magnolias are everywhere here in the Dandenong Ranges! Whole trees - stunning!! I am looking foward to being able to have a Magnolia tree on our block sometime in the future when we get up to redoing the garden. Hydreangeas are top of the list.
    (And it just started to pour!!!)
    :) Irene x

  6. Horray for Spring, love this time of year, beautiful post and I love the blue ginger jars too x

  7. Love the hydrangeas - I cannot wait to get some planted in my garden. Happy spring Ness! Ax

  8. oh beautiful, soo beautiful photos! I adore hydrangeas, and blossom branches too! I have some hydrangeas, but they have not bloomed yet, is pretty cold here yet. can't wait for spring to come!

  9. I love hydrangeas! And I can't wait till next spring to see our ( in april)planted hydrangeas a little bit bigger!


  10. Ness- I love your cherry blossoms! Also love that Atlanta Bartlett photo.

    Be sure to check out my post tomorrow as I'm highlighting my favorite Aussie bloggers and of course you're included, love your blog. :-)

  11. Bought some of the russet/green hydrangeas yesterday..we are coming into Autumn so the hydrangeas are turning now...beautiful floral images and very cheering. XXXX

  12. gorgeous!!! but i'm so off seasonally i can't be wishing for spring or i'll never make it through winter!!! hahahah

    just love all the images...

  13. Hello Ness ~ what an absolutely enchanting blog! Your style is just lovely, I'm so pleased to have found you!
    ~ Anne


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