Monday, September 14, 2009

Welcome to my beach house...sort of!

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Welcome to my beach house...if I had one!
The home we are in at the moment would have to be my dream home, I love it...but if I were going to have a beach house - this is what it would look like. Over the next few days I am going to show you what would make my 'Dream Beach House'. I hope you will join me.
First up is the entry....

Sarah Richardson
As you can see in the first is a double story home to take in maximum views of the beach. So, a lovely white railing with dark wood floors would welcome our guests and some sort of slip covered seating. I would change this particular wall lining to beaded white!

Victoria Hagen

I have always wanted to have an entry with enough space to accommodate a round table to hold a huge urn/vase of flowers...what a gorgeous way to be welcomed!

Elle Decor
The wicker market baskets are a nice touch in an entry to grab as you head on down to the seaside farmers markets for more fresh flowers and produce for dinner....
Kari Herer
...blooms like this are always in abundance to fill your vintage vase etc.

A huge mirror, or like here - two, would be a beautiful way to bounce light into the entry from the oceans sparkle.

"Dawn Break" - Dawn Reader
I have read that images of calm water are best for a home as they don't create, this beautiful calm beach scene on canvas would be a perfect image in my entry.

Now, failing a entry big enough to accommodate my round table....a wonderful long console that could hold said vase of fresh market blooms...and plenty of baskets and drawers for keys, flip flops, sarongs and sunglasses - all ready to go!

Tomorrow I will show you my beach house living areas....hope you'll come too!

Ness xx


  1. Gorgeous, I would love a beach house.
    I just need to keep saving my pennies or should I say centimes!

    Leeann x

  2. Be careful what you verbalize Ness, it's very likely to come true. LOVE that first entrance with the staircase! LOVE IT! A-M xx

  3. I am so looking forward to logging on tomorrow to see more of your dream house. I too am dreaming of my house I am going to build in a couple of years.

  4. Ooh, I hope it comes true...and I can come and visit! What beautiful dreams you have!

  5. This is one beautiful beach house that I'd love to be a guest at. Such gorgeous elements that you have thought to bring together. Lee :)

  6. oh my! love these images! especially that silver round table! xo

  7. Great photos. How fabulous it would be to have that house.

  8. I love the mixture of that shiny glass table from Elle Decor with the market baskets underneath. The last pic with the baskets on the aged table is also fabulous!!
    Happy Monday to you.

  9. HOw great is this home, loving the colours, and specially the sarah richardson entry - just love her work like crazy!

  10. that house is beyond beautiful! I wish that were my beach house as well! Where would you want your beach house to be?

  11. Gah I wish this beach house was my all the time house.

  12. Ness,

    I you ever sell your future beach house, please let me know!!!!
    I love the images and your future beach house would be fabulous!
    I'm looking forward to see the comming images!


  13. I WANT ONE TOO...gorgeous images of life by the sea. XXXX

  14. I also love the round tables in the entry areas. The painting is divine, everything is divine. Sigh!

  15. What a great house! I love the photos you've gathered...I can just imagine the interior of that beach house decorated as you suggested. I always love your blog... you inspire me!

  16. Um, scuse me, but that's MY beach house. ;-)
    Especially the console!
    ~ Anne

  17. This is one beautiful house Ness, xv.

  18. I'm thinking I am kind of in love with "your" beach house Ness. So to go

  19. I've always wanted a house with a round table in the entry too!

    : )

    Julie M.


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