Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Channelling The Great!

Off to view the Church and reception venue for the upcoming wedding I am working on in a minute...so I am channelling Atlanta Bartlett's talent to help. These pictures are from her web store Pale and Interesting.

Love the scissors...and of course the Hydrangeas!
A great pair- apples and wicker.
Wish me luck people, apparently the Church interior is a shocker!
I hope it's not too bad. Have a wonderful day.
Ness xx


  1. I hope it's not too bad.
    We got married in a lovely church...very old-fashioned. A few years later, a new sanctuary was built and our little church was turned into a chapel of sorts. The decorating duties were handed to the pastor's wife whose favourite colour was baby blue. Everything inside the church became baby blue...from the carpet to the walls, from the ceilings to the pews. Sigh. I choose to remember it as it was.

  2. Good luck. Hope it is not too bad!

  3. I have no doubt you will turn it into a magnificent space Ness...xv

  4. Hope the church interior isn't as bad as you think!!

  5. Lovely inspiration for you Ness. And good luck in transforming this venue, it will be fabulous.

  6. May the force be with you! =) You are amazing, you don't need luck with that talent of yours!
    xo Isa


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