Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flags and my office...

From my files - mag no longer in print

What is it about flags that have me hooked? Not sure, but I do know that I would love and old, faded, slightly tattered one to fill my office wall. This US one is fantastic propped against the wall and I have long loved this photo because of this flag in the frame.
This is my office at present and this wall is where I envision the tattered fabric. Being that I am of Scottish heritage (all my family were born there) and Australian (I was the only one born here), I think it would be fitting to have the St Andrews cross and an Aussie flag together...

...or a Union jack which is an amazing design against white walls.
Now, I am not about to start a new redecorating project in my office..although tempting...because I have so much on at the moment, but I have been sitting here thinking 'I really want to change something...anything around!'. The fact I am in here makes sense.

Restoration Hardware
So some other things I would love in here would be some of these little destination signs, which I think I will have a go at myself...
...loads of shelves and white painted floors like we have in our bedroom. The current carpet in here is old and three different brown tones...eew!

Sarah Richardson
And to finish -linen and white covered books to fill the shelves. To think this all started with a photo of a flag!!.....
Ness xx


  1. Sounds like your plate is full, but sometimes it's nice to be able to think through new designs a while before being able to implement them. You have some great ideas.

  2. Aaaaah yes the white covered books, I started on this a while ago and got some curious looks from hubby, ha ha, really though, he's quite used to me diving into a project such as this and is usually quite impressed with the outcome. Great to have you following my posts.

  3. I have a flag fetish too at the moment. Love the office! Looks great, and very relaxing :)

  4. Flags are so 'the thing' at the moment, especially the Union Jack. They do look great. XXXX

  5. You now you have a wonderful flag in the US. The Belgian 3 coloured (red,yellow and black)is not the one that I would hang in my office!

    I do have the same thoughts today as you Ness! I also like to change something in my office! But I don't know what for the moment, inspiration has to come...


  6. Gorgeous idea Ness. great to have a flag that tells the story of your family's heritage. x Caroline

  7. Great ideas, love the pictures. We are in the middle of updating our office and I am currently looking for suitable storage baskets.

  8. love the last pic - white on white - often is perfect like this

  9. I could definitely work in a space like that. My office is more of a map room with some bits of art deco thrown in. These clean simple lines with contrast really set a nice bit of expectation though whereas my maps tend to open to door to a slow wanderer . . . hmmm, maybe I could be more productive.

  10. Ooo i like your thinking, I have always had a thing for the UK flag. But have always felt a bit wary of having it up, incase people thought i was a bit NF. But i am trying to reclaim it :D.

    I found this site and had a load of fun creating an American/British(the Scotish part lol)/Austrailian flag. Go have fun.


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