Monday, October 26, 2009

Is this it???

...the store I have longed for all this time?
Let me explain.
The ever inspirational and uber talented Tricia Foley who has long been one of my all time favourite designers turned this lovely barn from a dark, damp outbuilding into...
...her gorgeous studio.
Now, I loved this project and admired Tricia's use of the space. A multi tasking area that could be turned into a wonderful entertaining area (complete with projector screen for those Summer popcorn movie nights) or spare guest quarters at a whim, then back to her work space.

Recently, Tricia re-invented the barn into a seasonal store she called The New General Store. A mainly Summer and Fall extravaganza of local produce, natural home remedies and lots of style.
How does this apply to me? Well, we so happen to have a outbuilding which we use as an entertaining space in the warmer months (it needs a little work) and I have often thought how great it would be if I could use it somehow as my Interiors/Home wares store.
Some of you will know that I was meant to open my little shop last year and because of things out of my never happened. I was not happy. It hasn't stopped me wondering "How do I get this thing going"?
I have been sketching non-stop since the shop was first on the drawing board. Things like what it would look like, how it would be laid out, even to the packaging had been designed.

Simple ideas like hand written signs, like these from Tricia's store.
I have often thought it would be lovely to have local plants and products to sell and seeing we are in a tourist country town and our little shed is in a prime stopping spot, and I can work my own hours (even seasonally), no rent, baby sitters/child care just makes more sense.
Now, Tricia's store is a market of sorts and others can sell their bounty on her property. I don't have that in mind...too much red tape. I am loving the idea of Summer tables of produce and home wares based around a very simple and natural colour palette of white (of course), wood, wicker and fresh this shot. The colours that will sit with any decor, no matter how funky or classic.
You know from my recent project post that I am a fan of the blackboard and the fact that I love calligraphy just seem to go hand in hand for shop signs don't you think?
We actually have a little wood fired bread shop here in town. It would be lovely to have them wrapped in brown paper and natural twine, sold from big chunky fisherman's baskets!

Here is the inside of Tricia's barn.
My type of interior for a shop. White painted shelves, lots of texture, hemp and burlap, vintage items, wicker, flowers, iron stone, get the drift.
So there it is. I have just shared my longest dream with you - to have a store of my own.
Good night,


  1. Ness, it sounds like a brilliant idea! Love your plans!

  2. Keep that dream alive...I will come and visit for sure!!!Ange

  3. oh Ness, this sounds absolutely perfect! loooove the idea and really wish you the best to make your dream come true! hope you have a lovely week! co

  4. I saw where she was having this event and was wishing I lived closer to attend. She's one of fav designers, love her books too! Have a great Monday, Theresa

  5. Ness, your dream will come true one day, you just have to be patient!

    Everything comes to those that wait (that is what I tell myself daily)

    Leeann x

  6. Hi Ness...
    Tricia Foley is one of my all time favorite designers...have all her books..these images are fabulous...I hope your dream comes true for you.....inspires me to renew my own dreams!
    Take care, Laura

  7. Ness,
    I dream of this type of shop since a long time!! So beautiful!
    Everything is so nice, the inside and th outside of it!!!
    This is inspiring!!


  8. Don't give up on your dream. I read a quote somewhere that "Obstacles are what we see when we take out eyes off our dreams." Your idea sounds wonderful.

  9. Hi Vanessa,
    I was so thrilled this morning to have a friend send me your blog on my New General Store!
    I love seeing your favorite things as well and hope that this might the inspiration for you to do a pop-up store too.
    We just had our fall event last weekend and plan another Thanksgiving Saturday with holiday gifts
    and sparkling drinks by the fire...wish you could come!

  10. Oh Ness, I want to live near Tricia's barn.....and your barn, when you do it. It looks fabulous. XXXX

  11. So it's been right under your nose all this time Ness. What a great idea!... and no rent! If it's in a prime stopping spot I say go for it and don't look back, except into the house to keep an eye on the kids! A-M xx

  12. Hi Ness,

    Start today, just do it!!

    Tricia has a very stylish little general store and I'm sure you could do the same and add your own style.

    We all hesitate for many different reasons, I have a million things I want to do, I keep saying as soon as the kids finish school I will....
    But I really should start today as well.

    Go girl!!

    x Coty Farquhar

  13. this sound very very cool and wonderful.
    purrrrfect for you!
    do it!!


  14. Ooh it's so lovely! Hope your plans are able to happen one day.

  15. While waiting at the doctor's office for my daughter's flu results, I read an article in a magazine about how retail is changing with this economy. People are finding creative ways to sell their goods, from doing home shows, to renting out structures (like barns) to sell their items a few times a year. People tend to come by droves - they say.

    I think your idea is fantastic - good luck to you!

  16. Hi Ness :-)

    I, too, had a dream.
    It took me giving 110% of my self and literally almost losing everything we owned to attain it. But today, I'm sitting in my bed at 8:05am, reading your beautiful blog- NOT driving to a dead-end job that has nothing to do with interiors like I was a little over a year ago. Today, I'm creating interior design plans for clients!
    It was a VERY LONG HARD BUMPY road, but I am finally living my dream. YOU SHOULD TOO! :-) Like they say- merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream.....
    Go for it- give it more than your all! It will be SO worth it.


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