Thursday, October 22, 2009

It's Perfect...thanks Miss Kris!

Now you know why this is my Dream Home!!
The beautiful Miss Kris lives not far from this gem and sent me these photos of the outside of my Dream Home...and I wasn't disappointed. I know I have shown photos of this home before (you can see one on my side bar under Dream Home), but now I have the whole visual package, I thought we would have another look...cause I never tire of this place!!
My Mum and I just looked over this home in huge view and every little detail of this exterior is just heavenly. I would walk in worries!

Remember the living room? How could you not. Hydrangeas, iron stone, white sofas, French doors, fire place....sigh!
...ornate mirrors, loads of light...and gorgeous lighting.
The outdoors doesn't disappoint either.
But, this is the picture that started it all - the kitchen! Superb.
Now you see why this is my Dream Home, right?
I thank you Kris for taking the time to photograph this and send me an email with those stunning shots...made my day!!
Ness xx


  1. Hi Ness,
    I don't know if you know but I was just over at Velvet & Linen blog and Brooke has done an interview with Ivan Meade on his blog and Brooke mentioned your blog. OMG How wonderful is THAT!!!! Well done, Ness.
    N.W. Coast

    p.s. the house that you featured today is gorgeous (sigh)...

  2. This home is certainly worthy of being a dream, not only is it is mine too! Fabulous spaces...
    Take care, Laura

  3. What a magnificent house, Ness. The outside has the look of a French chateau.... and the inside, well words fail me. I think, though, somewhat out of my price range !!!!

  4. Your dream house is so beautiful - inside and out! I think many people will now be sharing your dream.

  5. oh, how I can only dream!!
    Such a beautiful house!

  6. This is amazing. I can see why Brooke finds inspiration from your blog Ness!

  7. These first shots remind me of a beautiful gingerbread delicious.x Caroline

  8. Stunning,and the outdoors looks like the perfect dream too.

  9. Gorgeous, all I need now is a cleaning lady :-)

    Leeann x

  10. well, I certainly don't know where I would want to spend the most time, the kitchen or that spectacular veranda! wow!
    (we dream alike that's for sure)

  11. Thank you for sharing your inspiring beauty! I have just started a blog and have enjoyed meeting others with similar design passion!! What beauty you bring!!

  12. What a beautiful living room -it's perfect!

  13. Hi Ness!

    You are so WELCOME! Although I am GUILTY as charged! I wanted to take another walk through this home again. LOVELY!!!

    BIG CONGRATS your WONDERFUL mention at Brooke's site. So well deserved! I just love your BLOG!!!

  14. Ness I love All your posts. I am so happy I found your blog. I am such a house addict Thank you so much for all of these inspiring posts they really get my creative juices going.


  15. Hi there!

    What a lovely home! Great inspiration! and- congrats on the mention your blog is lovely!


  16. It is so gorgeous. Isn't that an Astier de Villatte collection on either side of the fireplace? Huge mirror, kitchen so open, grand and soothing, arched windows. Dreamy. Thanks for sharing, Trish


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