Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Lighting Snippet, Appology and a Mention!!

Firstly I will start with the mention. The lovely Brooke from Velvet & Linen has recently done an interview over at Ivan Meade's Blog...and mentioned Marley & Lockyer as one of her inspirations along with blogs like Cote De Texas!!! I am so humbled that Brooke would place me up with the likes of Joni Webb!!
Lighting - Buyster Lighting
Next is the lighting sample that the lovely Maree (who is really, really fast on getting back to you!) is sending me for review to put in our living room. You may remember that I have been after a light to put in that space for some time. My love of chandeliers had been a little worn because I have seen them everywhere...this one is a happy medium - drum shade and chandelier. Best of both worlds.
As soon as this lovely turns up I will show you it in situ...stay tuned.
image - via Mary Ruffle
And finally, an apology. I am sorry I didn't post yesterday but something was up with Blogger...for me anyway. Every Blogspot address I tried to view, it came up with some crazy number sequence. I am just happy to see my blog didn't get swallowed into cyber space!
So, have a wonderful weekend and thank you to Brooke for your kind mention and Ivan for recognising a brilliant talent in Brooke.
Check out the interview HERE.
Ness xx


  1. Something must have been up with Blogger as I had the same thing happen to me.
    :)Irene x

  2. Lovely, Ness :)

    Do you remember my chandelier/drum shade kitchen fixture?

    And do you know how encouraging it is to me that you liked something I liked too? :)

    I know my two cents are not as valuable as Brooke's (she has such amazing talent - and resources), but I'm right there with her. I find your blog to be very inspirational, too!!!

    All the best,

  3. You inspire so many of us Ness. There's a little bit of you in 'The House' too! You have such a serene, timeless, elegant.... yet 'real' style. What's not to love! A-M xx

  4. oh congrats, Ness! that lighting is SO pretty! hope you have a lovely weekend, darling! xo

  5. Beautiful kitchen , its lovely :)
    I would like to kitchen in a similar!
    Wilhelmiina from finland

  6. It is my turn to thank you Ness!
    A-M is so right.
    Not only do I appreciate you mentioning my interview on Ivan's blog, I particularly want to express how much I appreciate all of the inspiration I get from reading your beautiful blog and from our friendship.


  7. Hi Ness,

    What makes Marley and Lockyer, Cote de Texas and Velvet and Linen so appealing is that you explain your inspirations and how they apply to your own life. Thats what makes it so interesting and a nice place to visit! Keep it up xx LINI

  8. Ooh, that light is lovely...and that shop is very dangerous for our new budget! So many pretty lights.

    And a gorgeous kitchen pic...and congrats on your mention!

  9. Brooke is such a sweetie - congrats. on your mention Ness, very well-deserved. And yes, Blogger had a big spack attack for me too.
    Millie ^_^

  10. Always great inspiration here! :)


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